9 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Elementor

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Many of the WordPress sites owners use page builders to design their pages. The reason behind this is that page builders are easy to use to produce nice designs with almost no HTML nor CSS knowledge. Simply, add the number of rows and columns you need and drag and drop the design elements (content blocks) to your page. I must say that I have seen pretty amazing websites designed using WordPress default themes and page builders.

Page builders developers are competing to provide a delightful user-experience. By delightful I mean; easy to use and has many design elements. Must say that the page builders that haven’t been updated for a while are out of the game and the reason is that the top page builders are adding new design elements by the day. Additionally, some of the page builders are adding new functionalities to page builders. For example, the ability to create menus and contact forms.

Many themes come with integrated page builders. The problem with them is that if you decide to switch to another theme; all your page designs will break, you will be left with a mess of shortcodes mixed with your content. This is why I prefer a stand-alone page builder.

I find page builders that offer a live (front-end) drag and drop interface easier to use as you can see the changes that you are applying to the page design.

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Elementor is one of the leading page builders that offers the ease of use and includes many premium features that you will not find in other page builders in the WordPress market.

Without any further delay let me present the 9 reasons why you should switch to Elementor:

A clear, non-bloated, powerful, and flexible front-end editor

The concept of dragging and dropping modules to design your page has been there for a while. However, not all page builders have a user-friendly interface. When you see the Elementor front-end builder for the first time you will feel that it is familiar as everything you see is self-explanatory. Moreover, customizing the design elements is simple. You only need to fill in your content and play with the design and animations options.

Beautifully crafted pre-built layouts

It is true that many page builder and themes provide pre-built page layouts. Still, I find that Elementor provides templates for different niches that actually look good! Whether you are building a personal blog or creating a website for your business, I am sure that you will find a template that will fit your needs. At the time I am writing this post Elementor offers 86 templates.

New features and design elements added frequntly

Elementor has unique features that I haven’t seen in any page builder yet. For instance, the Elementor form widget. You have guessed it! You can build forms with Elementor. Adding a form to your page is as simple as adding any other design element.

The Form element along with the Share Buttons element and other elements allows you to have fewer plugins, as the functionality you might be seeking is integrated into Elementor.
Shape Dividers is a new concept that Elementor introduces to page builders. Shape Dividers allows you to take your design to a whole new level, as it expands the design possibilities by adding superior separator effects between the different page sections.

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Switch to any theme without breaking your page designs

One of the drawbacks of most page builders integrated into themes is that they inject shortcodes mixed with your content. Imagine the scenario where the theme author decides to abandon the theme. This means that he will not provide security updates, solve compatibility issues nor support the theme anymore. At this point, you are forced to switch to another theme. Unfortunately, extracting your content that is mixed with the shortcodes will be an impossible mission.

Set different alignment options for every device

Responsiveness is one of the pillars for any WordPress theme or plugin. Responsive sites can be accessed from any device, regardless of the screen size and yet look good. Elementor gives you the option to control the alignment options of the different elements in your page. This is really handy, as it allows you to provide better browsing experience on the different screen sizes.


Elementor is well-coded. It is compatible with any theme or plugin that follows the WordPress standards. For instance, Elementor is compatible with many of the well-known plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, WPML, CF7 and more.

Well documented

Despite the fact that Elementor is self-explanatory as I said earlier, Elementor team did a great job in documenting the plugin. Elementor documentation provides detailed instructions on how to create your page layout and control the different building elements. Additionally, they support the written documentation with video tutorials. I really like that they also provide designing tips videos on their YouTube channel.

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The Elementor community is getting larger every day

With 4.9/5 rating and more than 100,000 active installs for the free version in less than 9 months, I must say that the WordPress community finds Elementor as a solid page builder solution. Additionally, the official Facebook group includes 3,000 very active members.


As we care about Multilingual WordPress, we found that Elementor is fully compatible with WPML; the WordPress Multilingual plugin. As a result, every page and website you create with Elementor can be translated using WPML.

Final Thoughts

You get the chance to explore Elementor as they provide a free version available on the WordPress repository. I suggest that you setup a locl installation to decide whether you like it or not, you can use Local by Flywheel for that. In case you like it, I strongly recommend upgrading to the Elemento Pro version as it provides many amazing features.

Using Elementor already? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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