Missing the sidebar in the Twentyseventeen theme? Here is how to get it back

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The Twentyseventeen theme has more than 1 million active installs. If you are using the Twentyseventeen WordPress theme and noticed that the sidebar is missing from pages, you are not alone. In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to display the sidebar on all the pages. Follow these steps to add the missing sidebar to the Twentyseventeen theme:

  1. Create a child theme. Check our article on how to create child themes.
  2. In the functions.php file of the child theme add the code below:
  3. Copy the page.php file from the parent theme to the child theme and replace the code at the bottom with the below code:
  4. With that you should be able to see the sidebar on all your pages, except for the home page. No worries, I will show you how to display the sidebar on the home page in the next step.

  5. To display the sidebar on your home page create a front-page.php file to the child theme and add the below code to it.

    Also, add the code below to the style.css file of the child theme:
  6. Now you have the sidebar on the Twentyseventeen homepage:

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