Sponsored Post

If you have an original unique post about your product or service, we’ll list it on our blog and also it will go into our social media accounts. Just make sure that the post must ultimately be of benefit to our readers.

Cost: $49

Product Review

You can submit your product/service for a detailed review. After we run a full test, we will write a blog post that includes the features of your product associated with screenshots.

The review will be unbiased, as we will demonstrate both positive and negative aspects of your product. Not to mention that the post will be labeled as a sponsored review.

Cost: $99

Here are some examples:

Product Review + Video

On top of what you get in the “Product Review” package, we will create a video and host it on our Youtube Channel. This video will contain an overview of what your product/service has to offer. Furthermore, we will go over how your product works and give some example of what can be achieved with it.

Cost: $199

Here are some examples:

Ad Banners

We offer 5 ad banners:
(300*250) x1 ad at the top right sidebar ($100/month)
(125*125) x4 ad after each post ($25/month)

If you are interested in any of our promotional packages or want to know more, please contact us through this form: