Beaver Builder Review – Yet Another Guru Page Builder for WordPress

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What is a page builder WordPress plugin?

If you are new to WordPress, you might be wondering what a page builder plugin is. Well, allow me to explain. When you decide to build your WordPress site the first thing you will be looking for is a theme, as it defines how your website will look like. Afterwards, you will choose the functionalities that you want your website to provide and accordingly choose your plugins.
Laying out your content on your pages and posts using the default WordPress editor might be a hard task as it requires HTML and CSS knowledge. Here is where WordPress page builder plugins come handy as they allow you to divide your page into rows and columns then simply drag-n-drop your content whether it is an image a video or text into the grid that you created. To design a page you can simply create a mock-up of the page on a piece of paper then use a page builder plugin to transfer your design to your web page.

Today I want to introduce you to one of the best WordPress page builder plugins, Beaver Builder. In this Beaver Builder review, we will go over its features and see it in action. Before we go into details, let’s go over the features that Beaver Builder provides.

Beaver Builder Features

  • Easy to use drag-n-drop user interface
  • Front-end editor, this means that you will see a live preview of all the changes you make
  • 20+ design blocks/modules to choose from + the defualt WordPress wedgits
  • Many pre-built page templates
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes
  • Save your designs, export and import them anywhere you want
  • Responsive design
  • Multilingual ready
  • WooCommerce ready

The list can go really long, but I prefer to keep it short!

Beaver Builder plugin, Beaver Builder theme and Beaver Themer plugin. What’s that all about?

Beaver builder offere 3 packages (Standard, Pro, Agency). With the standard package you only get the Beaver Builder plugin. If you choose the Pro or Agency packages you will also get the Beaver Builder theme. Beaver Themer is a stand-alone plugin that you can purchase seperatly. Let me break this down:

  1. Beaver Builder plugin
  2. The Beaver Builder plugin allows you to design the content area only. Customizing the Header, sidebar and footer is done through the theme.

  3. Beaver Builder theme
  4. The Beaver Builder theme is a simple and lightweight WordPress theme that is designed to be fully compatible with the Beaver Builder Plugin. All the theme settings are in the default WordPress customizer, which allows you to also see a live preview of the changes you apply.

  5. Beaver Themer plugin
  6. The Beaver Themer plugin allows more customization flexibility to the Beaver Builder theme. For example, having a title and a login in the header area wouldn’t be possible without the Beaver Themer plugin.

Beaver Builder Modules

As I mentioned on the features section, Beaver Builder offers over 20 modules/design elements for you to choose from. Of course, you get the conventional heading, text, and additional module. Additionally, you get a hand full of other modules that help you in crafting a beautifully designed page. You can simply drag-n-drop the module into your page and add your content to it then play with the styling options to your liking. In the list below I will present to you the elements that I personally like:

Number Counter

If you wish to present statistics or any numbers on your page, the Number Counter module is the best way to show these numbers. You can choose between a circle counter and a bar counter. Additionally, these counters are animated. Of course, you can control the animation speed and the colors.


With Beaver Builder, you will not need to purchase a dedicated gallery plugin to display your photos. Simply, drop the gallery module into your page, choose the images that you want to display, and pick the gallery layout that you prefer. The gallery module controls allow you to choose the photos size and spacing. Furthermore, you can show the images captions and choose an animation style to the images in your gallery.

Subscribe Form

Collecting leads is an important aspect of any business. Undoubtedly, a subscriber form is a must-have on your website. The subscriber form module allows you to build an eye-catching form in no time. It is worth mentioning that you must connect the form to a third-party service.

Pricing Table

Running a business that offers products or services? The pricing table module is an elegant way to display the packages that you want to offer to your clients. You can add as many columns to show the packages that you have. You can configure options such as column color, title, price, the frequency of recurring costs, a feature list, and a button.

A related point to mention is that you can add the default WordPress widgets into your pages.

Beaver Builder prebuilt templates

In case your design skills are not up to the standards! You can use one of the many pre-built templates that Beaver Builder offers to be the foundation of your page. The templates are categorized into landing pages and content pages.

I will cover importing the pre-built templates in details in the upcoming section.

Beaver Builder in Action

I wouldn’t purchase any product before trying it! Beaver Builder offers a free version available on the WordPress repository. Of course, you will not get all the features packed in the pro version. Yet, it is always good to “test drive” any plugin to see whether it will satisfy your needs or not. Furthermore, the Beaver builder team provides a demo website for you to test their plugin without the need to install the plugin on your website.

I have installed and activated the Beaver Builder theme along with the Beaver Builder plugin to show you how it works.
This is a new page that I created. To use the Beaver Builder editor click on the Page Builder tab.

This takes you to the live editor of Beaver builder. On the top right hand, click the “Tamplates” button to import one of the pre-built templates. I have imported the “Zen life” template. Feel free to choose the tamplate that suits you best.

As you can see you the page now has the design modules imported to it. To modify or add your content to one of the modules, simply click on the module add your text and save. I will edit the heading text.

That was easy, right? For each design module, you can control a set of options. For example, you can choose the text color, alignment, size and, other options for the Heading module. This applies to all the modules offered by Beaver Builder.

To delete an existing module, hover over it and click on the “X” icon.

Adding a design module is also simple. Click on the Add Content button on the top right corner. Choose the module that you want to add to your page and drag it into the page.

You can rearrange the order of the design elements and the rows inside the page by dragging and dropping them to your desired location.

With that, I have shown you the basics of using the Beaver Builder editor. I must say that this is as easy as 1,2,3!

Beaver Builder Add-ons

If you are not satisfied with the pre-built templates and design modules that Beaver Builder offers, let me tell you that there is more!

I must say that I am in love with the Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder. It adds tons of beautifully crafted design modules and sections. Additionally, it adds 110+ pre-built page templates in different niches to your design building arsenal.

My second favorite Beaver Builder add-on is Power Pack Beaver Addons. It adds 50+ custom modules, 120+ page templates and, 130+ section templates.


Beaver builder offers 3 packages. Let’s see the different packages and compare them.

It is worth mentioning that all the packages allow you to use the Beaver Builder plugin on an unlimited number of websites.


In case you are a website owner who already has a WordPress and you are happy with the theme you choose, I strongly recommend that you go with the standard plan as it offers the page builder only, which is what you need. It is $99, which is a fair price compared to other page builder plugins in the WordPress market.


If you are building your website from scratch and didn’t find a theme that you really like. You can get the pro package and it includes the Beaver Builder theme. Priced at $199, I find the price relatively unfair as you can get a premium theme for around $60.


This package is for web developers who build websites for many clients as it allows them to white label the designs built with Beaver Builder.

Documentation & Support

I must say that the Beaver Builder knowledge base is well-organized and informative. The articles present detailed instructions coupled with screenshoots.

The Beaver Builder team offers support 7 days a week. They also noted that the support is limited on weekends and national US holidays. They promise that will answer the support requests by the next business day.

Creating multilingual sites with Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is fuly compatible with the famouse multilingal WordPress plugin WPML. WPML has a detailed tutorial on how to translate page built with Beaver Builder.

Final thoughts

Undoubtedly, using a WordPress page builder plugin facilitates the process of designing your pages. Beaver Builder offers an intuitive live editor that allows you to see the changes that you apply. Which makes crafting your pages as easy as creating a Word document. Furthermore, Beaver Builder comes with tons of design modules and pre-built templates that can make a solid foundation for your website design.

You can try Beaver Builder before purchasing it using their demo site. If you like Beaver Builder you can get it here.

Already using Beaver builder or considering it. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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