DHL Ecommerce How its Works? Full Details Explanation with Video

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DHL Ecommerce How its Works? Full Details Explanation with Video

How DHL ecommerce make e-tailers and consumers smile? In this article we are going to give you an example and show you how DHL Ecommerce works.

Example of Story

Let’s say, Kenya is excited because her best friend is getting married. She urgently needs a new outfit for the occasion. She’s looking for a traditional Thai dress and some brand name shoes to go with it. However, if she orders online even domestically she’s afraid the wrong merchandise might arrive. Other than that, or the item might be damaged or even arrive too late if it gets delivered at all! 

Problem Exist?

But cross border ordering, her shoes are on foreign website, presents problems of its own. There’s the language barrier, unfamiliar payment options, unexpected additional charges and vague return policies. Despite Kenya reservations in online shopping she found just the Thai dress she was looking for on a Dosmetic web shop and the perfect branded shoes from the US store she trusts both of them because Saneun and John worked closely with DHL ecommerce. dhl ecommerce

How DHL Ecommerce help?

Saneun Is a successful domestic merchant, he knows how important are reliable and trustworthy delivery network is for his customers. That’s why I send you one collaborates with DHL e-commerce.  His country is one of them many where DHL e-commerce has set up its own delivery network. What’s more DHL e-commerce domestic delivery offers many convenient delivery options , including parcel shops  parcel lockers and Doorstep Delivery. For example buy motorcycles with DHL parcel tax. So Saneun excited to get the rest assure that is customer like Kenya will have a positive shopping experience and he is happy with DHL e-commerce because it enhances the reputation of his online Shop.  Kenya’s dream dress arrived on time for the wedding all she needs now those fantastic shoes she found on John’s website. John is merchant who successfully runs a well-known online shop in the United States. He is hoping to increase his online business internationally.

DHL e-commerce is opening the door to New cross-border Markets.

Thanks to DHL e-commerce it’s easy for John to kick-start his foreign trade because he can rely on the support of the local onboarding team in key markets. Another advantage is the fully landed cost calculator by DHL e-commerce which provides a full cost overview it can be integrated easily into any website and prominently displays the final price with costs for taxes duties and shipping calculated and shown separately that makes it easy and reassuring for Kenya to place her order.

What happens once Kenya has order the shoes from John’s Workshop?

John could prepare the goods for DHL e-commerce to pick up but he prefers that DHL e-commerce fulfillment solution with international end-to-end service so DHL e-commerce takes care of everything from good storage and packaging to preparation of all the necessary shipping documentation and final delivery. The e fullfilment network of DHL e-commerce even lets Merchants store Goods in multiple locations around the globe without fully automated warehouse management system. Upon demand the system is capable of shipping products from different locations which means they can be delivered much faster. With the shipment tracking option to customers like Kenya can conveniently monitor where their goods are at any given time. As soon as the goods has cleared Customs, they are imediately directed to the preferred method of delivery. Whether it’s a parcel shop, DHL parcel Locker, Doorstep Delivery and because different countries rely on different Delivery Systems and payment method DHL e-commerce also takes all that into consideration while ensuring that Kenya expectations are fulfilled.


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How if Customer is not satisfied with a purchased?

Even if the consumer is not satisfied with a purchased item John can count on that DHL e-commerce return Solutions and customer service customer. Customer service teams are available to Kenya with her own language and they are keeping her happy and ensuring high ratings for John’s web shop that’s how Kenya became connected with John across the globe and now she can wear her dress and shoes to her friend’s wedding reception

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