Elementor Review – WordPress Page Builder, Is it Worth?

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Elementor Review

This is an Elementor Review,  will guide you how to use Elementor, how will it look like and how useful about this plugin!

Why did I like Elementor?

This is because I can use it without involving any coding. Simply drag and drop to build my website pages. 

  • A very user-friendly front-end visual editor
  • There are plenty of element can use to build a website
  • There are plenty of pre-made layouts
  • Details control the element position
  • The professional outlook of the website

Let’s have a look how to use Elementor


After you have installed and activate Elementor Page Builder Plugin. There will be a new button appear in posts or pages. The button called “Edit with Elementor


After you click on that button, It will bring you to Elementor Front-End Visual Builder. While you are building your website, you will be able to view the website instant like what your users see. To Build your website, either you can use the existing template or build from scratch.

To build from scratch, you need to add Section. Then you can adjust the column width and the structure.


Once you select your column, then you can add Element into the column. Elements such as Button, Text, Video, Google Map, icon and so on. You just simple drag and drop the element in the column.


After you drop the element, you can configure the button to add the text, links, alignment and it’s size.


You can also change the button color, by moving your mouse to the “Style” tab.


To checkout Elementor elementor-review-8

At the last tab of the button setting, which is advance setting. Over here allow you edit button custom CSS code, margin, and padding. You even can add the animation.


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If this page that you have created, you like to make it as the same for another page or all the pages. You do not need to rebuild it again. You can just save this as a template and use it for your next page.elementor-review-12


To checkout Elementor

If you don’t like to build from scratch. Here are tons of template that ready to use.


You can choose one of the templates and you can re-edit the content. This definitely help you save a lot of time!


Nowadays, people do not use only desktop/laptop to browse website. They also use a tablet, phone to browse website. To ensure your website is responsive to all devices, Elementorhas created this responsive function easy for you to check the responsiveness.


It’s user-friendly, and you able to build a professional website by drag and drop. To get the Elementor for your website today!   

To checkout Elementor

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