Google Maps Widget Makes it Easy to Add Maps to any WordPress Site

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Google Maps is the most widely used aspect of Google services and it even outranks the Google Search Engine, surprisingly. For years, people have been adding the maps to their website and now you can add one without a fuss. With Google Maps Widget, you can easily integrate a Google Map into your “Contact Us” page (or any other post, page or widget) on your own website.

The Google Maps Widget is a very popular WordPress plugin which allows you to embed any map on your site with ease. It has been downloaded over 1 million times so far, and ninety percent of those users have rated the plugin with five out of five stars during their review.

Create maps quickly and easily with just a few clicks and add them to your website with even without technical experience. This mapping widget has been around for four years, so there have been many updates done to make this the most used maps widget online right now.


  • Add speed to your website: Most map widgets will take forty or more requests to load up the map for your user to look at. The Google Maps Widget only takes one time to load the map, which reduces overall website loading time of 2MB. This is great for you as a website owner because the longer your website takes to load the less likely it is that people will return to your website again.
  • Ease of use: With over 1 million downloads, we know that this is the best map widget, hands down with no contest. Install the widget, add the parameters for your particular location, and add the widget to the website. Nothing else is required.
  • Great customer service and support: Google Maps Widget will guarantee a response in less than twenty-four hours to your questions or needs, but usually you will receive a response in less than three hours. Their customer service representatives are based in the United States so communication is quick, convenient, and easy.
  • Fully customizable to match your unique website: This widget can be customized to fit seamlessly into your website layout and design. Change the lighting or shadowing and change the color to match your website colors. There are different map style options to choose from, and you can create custom pins to give the look that you want to your map. See the maps in action.
  • Load up on options to aid your customization: Give your website viewers street view, satellite views, add customized additional information bubbles and much more
  • Unlimited pin options:. The best part is that there are literally no restrictions to how many maps you can add to your website or the number of pins that you can add to your maps.
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Google Maps Widget location

Use the map widget on any page of your site by copying the generated shortcode or even embed it in an individual post. You can create a custom box in your sidebar that will add your map front and center so users can easily find it when the land on your homepage. Using Google Maps Widget adds a level of professionalism to your website and will increase your reputation on Google Search Engine. Improving your rankings on Google will get you more visibility for your business and can get you more sales. Add the Google Maps Widget to your WordPress website to add your location easily so your customers can find you!

Even if you don’t use WordPress, you can still make your website load faster by embedding Google Maps properly.

Google Maps Widget is free and you can download it now from the official plugins repository. If you like the plugin, you should know that there is a PRO version which extends the basic plugin with more than fifty extra features. After you download the free version, opt in for the 14-day trial and see why GMW is the best maps plugin for WordPress.

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