How to Make Money Online – How I Made $1797.50 On My 3rd Month Blogging

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How to Make Money Online – How I Made $1797.50 On My 3rd Month Blogging

This is the first post I’m writing my month report. I will explain how to make money online. As I’m started my blogging/website journey at 21 March 2018. For the first month 21 March till end of the month. That will in total of 11 days, my net profit from the website is $110.21. On average USD$10 per day.

After enter second month, I’m looking for more money making opportunity and improve my website SEO. I try to research out of my website best keyword and using SEMRUSH to spy my competitors keywords. This helping me to understand which keyword is the best and how can I use it to improve my website keyword ranking.

Apart from that, I added one “Advertising” Page for the advertiser. This will help my advertiser to be more easy to look for me if they want to sponsor post on my website.

May expenses in total = $299.95

Gross Profit $2069.45 – Expenses $299.95 = $1791.50

March $110.21
April $844.47
May $1,791.50

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how to make money online

Graph above shown my website profit each month. So far, my net profit still increasing each month. Please follow my blog, I will explain more how to make money online. I will try my best to keep on improving until my website profit can give me a consistent income and allow me to quit my daily 9 to 5 job. I guess this is the dream of everyone, everyday wake up in the morning, not chasing prepare to work. But can enjoy cup of coffee and earning this “passive income”. Although website incoming is not totally passive, but I think all kind source of income must pay your work first, before it can grow big.


If you thinking to follow my journey, here is some tips you can follow:

Below are my steps to teach you how to make money online.

  1. Think of what kind of knowledge field is your stronger part.
  2. How your knowledge can help people.
  3. How much potential how that ideas and narrow down your best idea left only one.
  4. Saving your first budget to start blogging. You need only about $200 to start.
  5. Think of niche of website you want to build. 
  6. My guideline to start building your website without coding –> HERE
  7.  Setup your website and start blogging!
  8. Build up your website SEO
  9.  Increase your website traffic
  10. Many More… for this stage, I don’t explain too much to avoid confusion.

You update my report again for the next month!


Below I’m sharing my excel file template “Profit and Loss Statement Template”. Please help me share to reveal the download link. Thanks!

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