How to use Weglot to translate WordPress site

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In our post The Definitive Guide: Create a multilingual WordPress site, we have mentioned that you can use Weglot plugin to turn your site into a multilingual WordPress site. In this post, we gonna show you how to use Weglot (the free version) to turn an English WordPress website to a multilingual one.

With the free version of Weglot, we can translate up to 2000 words for only 1 website.

Weglot pricing plans
Weglot Pricing Plans

In this tutorial, we will use a test site with TwentySixteen theme and will use Weglot to translate our website to French.

How to use Weglot:

To start translating your website using Weglot, follow these simple steps:

1- Install Weglot

As any other plugin, you can install Weglot from your WordPress dashboard -> plugins. Or you can download it from this link and then upload it unzipped to your /plugins/ folder.

Weglot Settings:

Weglot adds only one settings page to your WordPress. As you see in the following screenshots, here are the settings to translate the website to French.

Please note the following:

  • API Key: You can get it from your Weglot account.
  • Original language: The language I want to translate my website from.
  • Destination Languages: The language codes of the languages you need to translate your website into. In my case, I entered fr because I will translate my website into French.

Weglot Settings - Main Configuration

Language Switcher

Weglot allows you to design the language switcher. It’s very important to make it appealing, clear and reachable. You can place it in your menu, in a widget, using a shortcode or add it in your page source code.

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Weglot Language Switcher Options

Exclude Translations

By default, Weglot will translate everything on your website. You can tell Weglot to not translate specific pages or posts by entering the URL in the settings page.

Browser Redirect

You can ask Weglot to redirect users to the translation based on their browser language. However, I don’t recommend to use this option as it may fool Google’s bots!

Once you click ‘Save Changes’, you’ll get this screen


2- Translate Content

After saving the settings, everything will be translated instantly on your website.

Checking the front page:


Switching to French


Adding new post

Now I have my default and the only post translated, what will happen when I add another post, let’s try that


Now, let’s give the language switcher another hit:


Everything is getting translated automatically.

3- Edit Translations

Obviously, everything is translated using machine translation and it cannot be 100% correct. So you will need to correct those translations. To do so, go to your Weglot dashboard on Weglot website and start editing your translations as shown, I don’t want to translate my website title!


Visual Editor

You can edit the translation directly on your website by using the Visual Editor. In your Weglot dashboard, click the Visual Editor button.

Weglot Visual Editor

This will open your website, using the language switcher, switch to the language where you want to edit the translations.

How to use Weglot Visual Editor

4- Translations Options

In your Weglot dashboard, navigate to Translations options where you can indicate if you want a word/expression to be never translated or translated in a custom way. And you can search for a word in all translations and replace it.

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5- Professional Translators

With Weglot premium plans, you can hire professional translators to translate your WordPress website.

Weglot Pro Translation

It’s possible to send the entire page or select just texts. Once you’re done, proceed with the order review. It gonna cost you as low as 0.08€/ word. You’ll get the translations back within 48-72 hours.

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Weglot is an easy plugin to use to translate your WordPress site into multiple languages. Don’t hesitate to ask any question in the comments below or share your Weglot experience with us!

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