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Improve WordPress SEO with ConveyThis Translate

When it comes to writing content in WordPress, it sometimes seems like we spend as much time working on improving the SEO as we do actually writing and editing it in the first place. Like many people, at one point or another, you may have found yourself trying every last SEO plugin, optimized your posts’ titles, rewritten content, and updated your excerpts and tags, and feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with getting higher rankings and reaching a wider audience. But there’s one proven, yet often overlooked “white hat” technique that casts a wide net and can help reach new users from around the globe: translation.


wordpress-seoCan translating your WordPress site really improve your SEO? If you use the right method, it definitely can in a number of big ways. We’ll use the plugin ConveyThis Translate to demonstrate how, as it’s free, easy to configure, and provides these built-in SEO optimizations out of the box:

Unique content boost

A general rule of thumb when it comes to SEO is the more unique content you have, the better off you’ll be. Obviously, writing good, engaging content in the first place is the best method—but by translating your content into one or more foreign languages, you’re essentially increasing the amount of unique content on your site exponentially for each new language you can provide. And the translated version of your text isn’t considered duplicate content, because the text will be completely distinct from the original you’ve written.

Of course, this relies on using a method of translating your text that can provide a separate, crawlable, indexable copy on a unique URL on your site; simply directing users through a Google Translate link won’t work, as the translation is loaded from a third-party script on Google’s server. Luckily, plugins like ConveyThis Translate will store a local copy of your translated content on a separate URL, prefixed with the language code—the translated version of your English page would be accessible in Russian from, both of which can be indexed separately by search engines.


Keywords in foreign languages

While simply having more unique content via translation can boost your SEO from a technical standpoint, consider it from a real-world perspective as well: users who don’t speak English aren’t going to find your content. You may provide a nice, free, official Google Translate widget in your sidebar that can help Spanish-speaking users read your content in their own native language—but they’ll never find it in the first place if they have to search for “best WordPress themes” instead of “mejores temas de wordpress.”

Less competition

If you know the basics of SEO then you probably already know the benefits of long tail search terms when it comes to getting just the right user to just the right content on your site. And if you have a niche blog, these kinds of search terms are all the more important. Because English currently makes up over 50% of the web’s content, the competition for English keywords is fierce and extremely competitive. On the other hand, that means the competition for those same keywords in foreign languages is much more reasonable and easier to capture, simply because there is less content of its type available out there.

Using those statistics and thinking again our example above of a blog post on the “best WordPress themes,” we can assume then that (generally speaking) out of 100 blogs on that subject, 51 will be written in English, 6 will be in Russian, and 5 will be in Japanese. With high-quality content translated into Japanese or Russian, your post could easily rank very highly for the nearly 387 million speakers of those two languages who may be looking for your content online—if they can find it!

If you think you’d like to give translating your blog a try, we once again recommend ConveyThis Translate for its simplicity and low cost of entry—in fact, they are currently offering their Pro plan for free to new signups, so now’s the best time to try it out. And when you do, let us know how translating your WordPress site affects your rankings and readership.

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ConveyThis is a project of Translation Services USA, a professional translation services agency founded and based in New York City. With over 15 years of experience in the translation industry, no one is better equipped to know the needs, shortfalls, and solutions for website translation services.

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