Mailchimp vs Aweber : What is the difference?

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Mailchimp vs Aweber

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A Brief Overview
AWeber has over 120,000 users across the world, including small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Set up 16 years ago, AWeber calls itself “The Original Autoresponder Provider” with industry-leading deliverability. It has everything that you need to build an email list: a web sign up form, the ability to collect and manage subscribers, autoresponder follow-ups, and of course, the email sending facility.

You’re also able to track the performance of your emails and receive expert support every day of the week. One standout feature of AWeber is the free 30-day trial, making it easy and risk-free to see the benefits of building an email list.


And MailChimp? It boasts over 7 million users who send 500 million emails every day. MailChimp has all of the features that AWeber has for email campaigns: custom forms, email creator and sender, automation, and analytics. To manage your subscribers, it’s really easy to view profiles and segment them into groups for various email campaign set ups. MailChimp promotes its mobile campaigns too if you’re considering SMS direct mail. The pricing structure is really clear, based on your numbers of subscribers, and there’s even a free option.


Both sound great so far. But still, which should you choose? Let’s break down their pros and cons.

Let’s start with pricing, as sometimes the choice will always come down to this. MailChimp clearly outlines the options for different sized businesses. If you’re just starting out and sending up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers, it’s completely free. This isn’t a trial or expiring contract period, so you don’t need to input credit card details. Of course, a free service won’t come with bells and whistles like the upgraded options, so you’ll miss out on automation, email chat and support, and delivery by time zone.

If you’re a growing business, you can opt for a monthly cost or pay as you go option. The latter is the better option if you sporadically send out emails, but if you have regular, planned campaigns, it’s more cost efficient to pay monthly as your email sends are unlimited. The costs range from $10 per month for up to 500 subscribers to $25 per month for 2,000 subscribers. And with this, you get the ability to segment your audience into lists based on their profiles and integration into other web services that you already use. The experts are on hand to help you with your email marketing strategy. There are also options for agencies that are sending up to 1.3m emails on behalf of clients.

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Through AWeber, sending emails up to 500 subscribers will cost you $19 per month, versus MailChimp’s $10 and $29 per month for up to 2,500 subscribers, versus MailChimp’s £25. Again, there are options with increasing prices for those sending much higher volumes. AWeber offers your first month for free as its free 30-day trial, which brings the annual price down a little. But compared to MailChimp’s prices, what do you get? Expert customer service and autoresponders, just like MailChimp, but you also have access to over 700 email templates and 6000 stock images.

AW pricing 2

Designing Your Email and Signup Forms
Both options offer email and sign up form templates for you to follow. MailChimp is particularly easy to use, which is great for beginners. It’s optimized for mobile, so you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of coding. It has a drag-and-drop feature so you can rearrange where your image and text content sits, plus you’re also able to replicate areas.

You can use the built-in photo editor to tweak your images, rather than editing in another program and importing the content. The file manager will help you to organize your images and other documents and you can access this while you’re editing your template as well as through your dashboard. For the sign up forms, you have the choice of 30 fields that can be included alongside the email address to capture more data.

MC design 1

MailChimp’s editing process for emails is also incredibly easy. You can have multiple collaborators who can post comments and send test emails while you’re working on the campaign. When you’re checking that the links work, you can see where the URL points to if you hover over the link, plus the platform automatically verifies links in your email. Finally, the previewer works for PC, laptops, and mobile, so you can see how your email will look on each device side by side.

MC design 2

AWeber is even easier for beginners as you simply need to choose a template (mobile responsive) and input your content. However, for anyone who wants to customize the communications they send to their customers, this might not be their preferred way of working. There are a huge amount of templates to choose from – over 700 in fact – or you can pay a premium to have a template designed for you.

This option starts from $29 to modify one of the existing templates to your layout, font, color, or background of your choosing. You can pay $229 to have AWeber’s design team work with you to develop a bespoke template that matches your brand. For the same price, you can design a PDF template yourself and have the team convert it into an HTML email. This is great for those who are designers themselves, but it’s a pricey option.

AW design 2

So there are cost considerations to make, but mostly, it’s your preference over how much control and flexibility you’d like over your email design. Two important points for both: they’re able to host your images for you and embed the sign up form into your own website, rather than navigating your customers away to an external site.


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At the point when a client chooses to make the move to hear more from you and joins to your messages by means of your site, you’ll need to at first express gratitude toward them and maybe send them a progression of messages as an onboarding effort. This is one of the most straightforward approaches to truly connect with your clients as you can send them custom fitted data as new perusers.

For example, on the off chance that you offer an administration on the web, the arrangement could incorporate how that administration can profit the client with the last email in the arrangement offering a markdown on the online cost. Your clients will have seen the greater part of your substance paving the way to the business message and be prepared to purchase.

You can likewise send autoresponders to those who’ve made a buy to build their devotion. As a client, what’s superior to purchasing an item from an organization that you trust? Maybe getting helpful data, similar to item direction guides, after you’ve gotten it. Everything manufactures that imperative relationship. Autoresponders enable you to convey these welcome or item messages without you having to physically observe each new information exchange and check in the logbook when to send what email.

Fortunately both AWeber and MailChimp offer autoresponsers that are anything but difficult to utilize and compelling at what they do. Both enable you to plan the days and times that the messages ought to be conveyed and any new information exchanges will get them in a successive request.

You can utilize the email configuration highlights and examination following of the two stages to set them up and screen their execution. You would then be able to section the clients in view of their buys utilizing behavioral focusing on, bringing about extremely customized encounters.

AW autoresponders

Where MailChimp trumps AWeber is its capacity to incorporate with other web administrations. So you may hold your client information somewhere else, for example, Salesforce, and utilize MailChimp just to convey your messages. The mix implies that your clients’ exercises are input into your outside CRM. MailChimp is likewise better at making portioned inclines in the first place. You can make diverse join shapes for various clients, enabling you to have isolate advertising procedures for each piece of your business.

In any case, to utilize MailChimp’s autoresponder highlight, you should be a paying client. So the free contract has its disadvantages. This premium is well justified, despite all the trouble however as the highlights are awesome and the master bolster is extremely important to your business. MailChimp likewise gives you access to the exploration it incorporates on its information, so you can enhance your own crusades.

MC autoresponder


Obviously you need your clients to open and navigate your email, however you additionally need to realize that the email will be conveyed into their inbox in any case! Email specialist organizations (ESPs) like AWeber and Mailchimp all have notorieties with the email suppliers like Gmail and Hotmail. Put basically, if the two don’t get along, there’s a higher shot your messages will skip. Email suppliers do this to ensure their clients get a greater amount of the messages that they need to get, thus they are strict on spam.

For AWeber and MailChimp, it’s consoling to know they both have great notorieties and have deliverability rates well into the 90s. A fast pursuit online reveals to us the general agreement is that AWeber has the best deliverability rates in the business and they themselves guarantee a 99% deliverability rate.


Both AWeber and MailChimp have broad following capacities. Both enable you to truly comprehend your clients with the goal that you can realize their identity, for example, what nation they see your email in and what email supplier they utilize; and what kind of substance they like and incorporate that with future battles. You can likewise separate them from into records and send them distinctive correspondences in light of their movement history and inclinations. This implies you can send them more significant and focused on content, which is a certain fire approach to get deals.

You can track your deals through AWeber so you can perceive what email has profited and in this way is best. The examination dashboard gives you a reasonable review of opens and snaps per email through chart organize. You can see precisely where they’ve clicked so you can develop a photo of what content is fascinating for them. It’s likewise extremely simple to see who has withdrew and utilize this data to screen what messages are causing withdraws.

AW examination

MailChimp additionally gives examination through charts, in addition to it has an email overlay include so you can see outwardly where your clients have been clicking. This enables you to see the most clicked connects and in addition utilizing the data to outline a more compelling email design in your next crusade.

For the individuals who haven’t opened or clicked, you’re ready to send them an altered battle particularly for them. Like AWeber, you can see your withdraws, in addition to you can recognize which messages have bobbed and MailChimp will encourage whether to attempt the address again or not.

There’s an extremely cool element where you can analyze your email execution against others in your industry, so you can perceive how your crusades resist the opposition. Another extraordinary element is the capacity to pick which segments of the examination reports to demonstrate others with the goal that delicate data is effectively covered up.

MC investigation

MailChimp makes it less demanding to do AB testing than AWeber. AWeber advances this administration for its pick in frames, however MailChimp plots numerous tests that you can improve the situation your entire email battle. It can help with testing the greatest day and time to send your email or split testing headlines, for example.


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Regardless of whether you’re acquainted with HTML and CSS, are an email configuration whizz kid, and have dissected numerous factual reports, or you’re totally new to email advertising; you will dependably require bolster. It could be help with the underlying set up of your record or messages.

You won’t not comprehend what your examination are letting you know and will pass up a major opportunity for the chances to utilize this information to better your correspondences technique. Or on the other hand they might be a disappointment some place in the email convey process and you need to address a specialist to amend it. Whatever it is, a specialist organization like AWeber or MailChimp needs to offer help.

This is the place AWeber destroys MailChimp by some separation. AWeber offers help by means of phone, email, and web talk each day of the week. Their help stops at 8pm amid the week and 5pm on ends of the week, however it’s a great deal superior to MailChimp’s help, which is through a contact frame as it were. All organizations should be productive with their chance, so sticking around for a reaction isn’t generally an alternative. Also, sitting tight for an answer is significantly more distressing when you’ve revealed a noteworthy issue with your battle.

AW bolster

Where the two suppliers are fantastically helpful is their assets. They have how-to aides and video instructional exercises for both the specialized and vital sides of email showcasing. They both have thoughts online journals for you to take motivation from and stay aware of the most recent patterns. AWeber additionally gives clear data on changing from other email suppliers.


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