Non-Profit and Charity Free Website Setup

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Looking for a non-profit or charity free website setup? We will help you in raising the awareness of your cause, increase your donations, get more volunteers, spread the impact of your work. Whatever your cause was you need to create an identity that communicates the value of your charity project.

If you have developed your mission and goals but lack the knowledge of building a website. We will be honored to take over the technical part and provide you with a professional, well-designed and secure website.

WordPress offers a reliable and easy to use interface to manage your content. Its setup might be a bit difficult, this is why we will go over the geeky part and take care of it on your behalf.

Configure your Hosting

A great website starts with a great hosting provider as it provides a solid foundation to building up your website. We recommend SiteGround as they are known to be one of the best hosting services for WordPress. We offer a 60% discount on their StartUp plan.

Set up your Theme

We will set up your theme along with the demo content provided. If you don’t have one we will choose the best theme that would suit your needs! You can also pick one of your likings from our collection of the best WordPress themes for non-profit and charity organization.

Set up your Plugins

Setting up your plugins and using them might be a tricky task, no worries we got your back on this one. In case you are looking to add a certain functionality to your website and can’t decide which plugin to choose, we will help you with the decision.

Performance Optimization

For your visitors to get the best user experience, we will work on optimizing the page loading time. Through out years of experience, we have applied every trick in the book to help our clients have their rocket-like websites! We will also provide some tips on how to make your website even faster.


Let everyone know about you! Traffic is important to every website. We will make sure that search engines will easily find your website.


Security comes first! We will make the hackers and spammers job much harder than they think by setting high-security standards for your website.

If you are interested in our Free WordPress setup for non-profit and charity organizations, please fill the below form and we will be contacting you shortly:

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