Oxygen 2.0 Review : Everyone Can be a Website Designer Now!

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Oxygen 2.0 Review : Everyone Can be a Website Designer Now!

If you would like to know more about WordPress Visual Website Builder. Today this post we going to talk about Oxygen 2.0 Review.

This is a new released version of Oxygen, which is Oxygen 2.0. It’s not a theme but it is a WordPress plugin. This is an extraordinary plugin, which is a true website builder, as you do not use a theme with Oxygen like other page builder. Oxygen really is a complete site builder and offers a visual replacement for what is normally done by PHP theme files in your /wp-content/themes/ folder.

Oxygen 2.0 allow you to customize your entire website, your website layout design totally in your hand. It is all depend on how you want your website looks like. You can design it without depend on WordPress theme. Thus, it’s quite flexible and full of useful functionality.

Oxygen 2.0 allow all the users like me who do not know any coding to design and customize my website. This is a good news to all WordPress users who like to have full control of their website layout and interface.

New in 2.0, Oxygen’s flexbox layout engine makes it much easier to align and layout elements on your pages than you will probably be used to with typical page builders


Oxygen 2.0 Overview

Oxygen 2.0 is a plugin that created by Soflyy, as the same team behind WP All Import plugin. It help you to customize your website elements such as the footer, header, footer, widgets, menus, and body content.

Oxygen 2.0 use classes to eliminate repetitive styling tasks and easily get a consistent look across your site. Unlike other builders where you have to update the same styles in multiple places, with Oxygen 2.0 you can put your styles in a class, and then apply that class to multiple elements. Now when you update the class, ALL elements with that class will be updated – even if they are on a different page of your site.

What’s new for this update to 2.0
  • – Video tutorials and how to guides
  • – More design sets
  • – Additional bug fixes and polish

Let’s dig into this plugin and see how it works!

Oxygen’s Main Features

  • Allow you to edit not only body content, but entire element of your website. For example, header, footer, sidebar and menu.
  • With Oxygen 2.0 You able to visually design your website, manage your website elements and mange them as sections and blocks.
  • You can edit your edit with real time preview
  • Oxygen 2.0 come with premade component such as premade pages and template. There are quite a numbers of premade component which will help beginner to create a website with lesser time and for those who don’t want to create or design a website from a scratch.
  • You can have the same content and layout throughout the website, you just need to edit once and all the page will automatically update and synchronised.
  • Say goodbye to the theme, Oxygen 2.0 totally replace your theme. You are freely design your website. Everyone now can be a website designer!


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Using Oxygen 2.0

After you purchase Oxygen 2.0, you can either choose premade template or blank template of the website layout. If you choose the premade template, you can have the default website setup right after you install it. It makes beginner easy to build a website even you do not know any coding!

To design a new page, first you need to login into your WordPress dashboard. Go to Pages –> Add New –> Type in your page title and publish it.

Next, Click on “Edit with Oxygen” button. It will bring you to the editor page as below.


Adding Elements with Oxygen 2.0

On the upper left “+Add” , this is the button that you can add elements into your website.



After I have chosen pre-made template, it not limit me to edit my design from the pre-built components. There are 5 categories under the +Add button.

These categories listed as below:

  • Basics – basic elements like section, column, heading, text, button, text link, video and more.
  • Helpers – The helpers is like premade component that will help you rapidly inserted useful component into your website, you will rapidly build your website. These components are Pricing Box, Icon Box, Easy Post, Gallery, Slider, Google Maps, Soundcloud, Progress Bar, and so on.
  • WordPress – WordPress specific content like menu, shortcodes and widgets.
  • Re-usable – your own saved designs that you can quickly reuse
  • Library – pre-built designs for your pages. Inside the library consist of many of design elements that suit to different niches of websites. Such as pre-built header, footer, content layout, pricing table, call to action element, pages layout, and more.

On the left upper side of the Visual Editor, on the “Structure” section you actually can drag and drop the position ordering of the website elements.



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Oxygen 2.0 current cost $99 for lifetime updates on unlimited sites. This is quite worth of money for this offer. But, personally I think the price are likely to rise in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about Oxygen, you can do so at  https://oxygenbuilder.com

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  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Documentation and Support
  • Performance


Oxygen 2.0 this new update have more design set and the visual editor more user friendly and easy to use. This plugin totally replace WordPress Theme, save you cost to purchase a good theme. Now, you do not rely on your theme but you are able to create your own layout and “Theme” by your own. As Oxygen help all the personals like me who do not know coding, able to create a website with professional own with my own customize design!

The design set consist of pre-made template, it’s help a lot to design our website faster! But if you are experience web designer, you can also design your template from the scratch.

Only one downside for this Oxygen 2.0, When entering the Oxygen Visual Editor from the WordPress Dashboard, its loading time occasionally up to 8 seconds. But I don’t think this affect much on the review on this plugin. As loading to the complex software usually takes times. But the good thing is after enter the visual editor, do not have this issues during editing and building template layout.

Last but not least, at the moment I review this the price $99 which is worth of money with unlimited lifetime updates and sites. I think it might raise up in the future. Thus, I’m strongly recommend people who dream of designing own website can try this out!

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