Scrybs – Another Automatic WordPress Multilingual Plugin

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Previously, we have explained how to use Weglot (Automatic WordPress Multilingual Plugin) to translate your WordPress website. In this post, we are going to show you how to use Scrybs another automatic translation service.

If you would like to know more about automatic translation services and plugins for WordPress, head to this post.

Scrybs – Automatic WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Scrybs is a translation company that helps you translate CVs, documents and website content by professional translators. Read more about Scrybs. They created a WordPress plugin that helps you to create a multilingual WordPress site.

Quoting from the plugin’s authors:

This plugin was forked from Weglot and improved in many ways such as URL translation managed remotely, content cache system, translation cache system, ability to use the plugin if WordPress is installed in a folder, possibility to exclude folders from translation.

How to use Scrybs?

In this tutorial, we will use a test site with TwentySixteen theme and will use Scrybs to translate our website to French.

Create Scrybs Account

Go to and click on Start your free 15-day trial.

scrybs is an Automatic WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Download and Install Scrybs

Scrybs can be downloaded for free from WordPress plugins repository at Scrybs Translation plugin page.
Upload it to your WordPress and install as any other plugin.

Register and Configure Scrybs

When you activate Scrybs, a new item in your WordPress dashboard menu will appear titled “Translations”. When you click on Translations, the registration page will be opened as shown

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You will need to add an API key, you can get it from your Scrybs account. Also, you can set your WordPress default language.


Once Scrybs is activated, the configuration page will load and the settings page will contain the following:

  • Languages: You can select the languages you need your website to be translated to.
  • Options: Choose if you want your website to be translated automatically and another option for the browser redirect
  • Language Switcher: Configure your language switcher options.
    • Language Switcher Integration: Add the language switcher to certain places in your website
Scrybs Language Options
Scrybs Language Options
Scrybs Translations Options
Scrybs Translations Options
Scrybs Language Switcher Options
Scrybs Language Switcher Options
Scrybs Language Switcher Integration
Scrybs Language Switcher Integration

After finishing the settings, click on Save button and you will get this message:

Translate your website

After configuring Scrybs, visit your website and you will see that a language switcher appears on the place you selected in the language switcher options (for example, the main menu)

Switch the language and you will see that the website has been translated automatically to the language you chose on the configuration page:

Edit the translation

As you can see, the website has been translated using a machine translation service, so you may want to edit the translations. To do so, head to your WordPress dashboard and then navigate to Translations page then click on Edit my translations button.
This will open your Scrybs account dashboard and you will find your website pages, choose the page you want to edit and start editing the translations.

Scrybs Translation Editor

Professional Translation

You can order a professional translation for your website content from your Scrybs account.


Scrybs (as an automatic WordPress multilingual plugin) is an easy and quick method to translate your WordPress website into multiple languages in few clicks using the machine translation technique. Are you going to give it a try? Do you have questions? Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.

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