ShortPixel Review – How My Page Size Reduced by 30%

When it comes to your website speed and performance, images come at the top of the list because the most of a website’s page weight is made of images. That’s why there are so many image optimization solutions out there to choose from.

There are a lot of features that you need in your image optimization solution such as, bulk optimization, lossy/lossless compression techniques, GIF format support, unlimited file size, PDF support. Not to mention a convenient price and a flexible license to use on any of your websites.

However, many of the available solutions don’t let you take the full control and make use of the essential features you may need in your website.

ShortPixel Review

ShortPixel is an all-in-one solution to get the best of your images and also, improve your website speed significantly. Let’s dig into this plugin and see its pros and cons.

Page Size Test

I ran a test for this post “13-Point Checklist for Purchasing a WordPress Multilingual Plugin“, it contains around 6 images and I got the following results:

Before ShortPixel

As you can see, the page size is 1.05MB. The images were already optimized using a lossless compression technique.

Before Shortpixel Optimization

After ShortPixel Optimization

Now the page size is 752KB. Which means there is 30% loss in the page size WITHOUT any noticeable loss in the images quality. Undoubtedly, this means an improvement in my page speed.

After ShortPixel Optimization

Note: In other tests, I got around 70% loss in size as shown in the following example:

Before and After ShortPixel Optimization.
Before ShortPixel Optimization. Size: 843KB

Before ShortPixel Optimization. Size: 843KB

After ShortPixel Optimization: 260KB

After ShortPixel Optimization: 260KB

ShortPixel Features

ShortPixel developers were able to combine a lot of features in a single plugin to provide you with various combinations that meet your requirements and needs. Let’s highlight the main features:

Multiple Formats Support

ShortPixel not only optimizes your JPEGs and PNGs but also GIFs and PDFs. So, whatever your media type you upload to your website, it will be optimized by ShortPixel.

Lossy and Lossless

ShortPixel gives you the freedom to choose the compression technique that fits your needs. Taking into consideration:
Lossy has a better compression rate than lossless compression. The resulting image is identical with the original to the human eye. Where in lossless compression, the shrunk image will be identical to the original and smaller in size.

WebP Support

ShortPixel can create a WebP version of your images (for free and it does not use up additional credits). WebP images are smaller in size and I have to say this is a great feature and a must-have in any image optimization tool.

Remove/Keep EXIF Data

ShortPixel lets you decide to keep or remove the EXIF data from your images.

EXIF is a set of various pieces of information that are automatically embedded into the image upon creation. This can include GPS position, camera manufacturer, date and time, etc.

So if you don’t really need these data, it’s better to remove them from your images because it leads to better optimization.

Images Backup

One of the best features in ShortPixel. It allows you to keep a backup of your images just in case something wrong happens with the compression process, you can always restore the image backup.

Statistics Everywhere

ShortPixel Statistics

You can track all information such as images processed, remaining credits, average compression percentage, disk space saved and bandwidth saved in your ShortPixel account and in your WordPress dashboard. So you’re not missing anything.

Where to Get

ShortPixel offers multiple plans that cover your needs:

Free Option

With the free plan, you have 100 images per month. No file size limits, one API key to use for multiple sites.

Signup for Free

Paid Plans

Paid plans are divided into Monthly plans and One-time plans (one-time payment plan credits never expire)

Monthly Plans:

– Short Plan. 5,000 images per month at $4.99/month.
– Large Plan. 12,000 images per month at $9.99/month.
– XXL Plan. 55,000 images per month at $29.99/month.

One-time Plans:

– One-Time 10K. 10,000 images for $9.99.
– One-Time 30K. 30,000 images for $19.99.
– One-Time 50K. 50,000 images for $29.99.

ShortPixel Review - special offer for WPColt users

Check ShortPixel Plans

What I Did Not Like…

Nothing is perfect and I know that. I liked everything in ShortPixel but its bulk optimizer needs some necessary improvements. It’s taking too much time and it gets buggy sometimes and I need to refresh the page to make it complete the optimization process.

Hopefully you'll come back soon!
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