WordPress Gutenberg Review : How Will It Change the WordPress World

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WordPress Gutenberg Review : How Will It Change the WordPress World

Have you ever heard about Gutenberg Editor for WordPress? You might new to it, as this is the incoming new feature for WordPress. Today I’m going to talk about WordPress Gutenberg Review. This will totally change the way to post your content in WordPress in the future. There are good or bad to the WordPress community. Will this new feature affect the page builder company industries such as Elementor, Eleganttheme, and other Page builder company? We do not know yet, but now the Gutenberg feature still with basic function, immature yet.

When will it introduce to WordPress?
It will come up somewhere in year 2018, but now there is available Beta Version Gutenberg Plugin. You can download from the plugin store and install in your WordPress.
*please bear in mind this is only Beta version, of you want to try out. I would recommend you not test it out on you real website.
This feature will come together with next WordPress version 5.0. You will not need to install the plugin and it’s come together with the update.
What is Gutenberg? 
We going to deeply show you what is the different from current text editor. 
This Gutenberg will replace the existing WordPress TinyMCE editor (the current WYSIWYG text editor where you write your posts and pages).
It will totally change your editing experience. You able to use it for post, page and creating your landing page. You can have full site customisation. All your editor field will turn into “block- editor” instead of current existing text editor only.
*with this upcoming feature it might affect the business company such as wix, shopify, webs and so on. As all these company they are using similar feature of Gutenberg to allow users to customise their website. These company charge the users with some cost, but the new Gutenberg is free of charge.
Will Gutenberg replace Page Builder? -WordPress Gutenberg Review
For now Gutenberg feature still quite basic and lacking of some Page builder function. For example, it do not equipped with drag and drop function which you can rearrange all the blocks easily. All the column is not so flexible like page builder of Elementor and Eleganttheme.
It might improve in the future, and let’s see what it will affect WordPress Page builder and Website industry.
How to Install? 
After you sign in into your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugin –> add new–> Key in ” Gutenberg”
intall gutenberg
Once you installed, please activate it as shown below
activate gutenberg
Gutenberg Layout
After you had installed and activated. It do not immediately replace the existing visual editor. As now Gutenberg still in Beta Testing Phase.

Switching Between the Editors

On the top right of the screen, you will see a drop down button. This button you can switch the visual editor to text editor.

gutenberg switch
Adding Blocks
With Gutenberg, it allow you to add blocks such as image, gallery,video, table, quote, text etc
adding blocks
Moving Blocks
It have a move up and move down arrow button on each block, allow you easily to move around the block.
moving blocks
This Gutenberg will release with WordPress 5.0 update. Are you looking forward and happy?
Please comment below how you feel? 
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