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Speedier Than Others

No more drag, drop and pause. Elementor gives you a chance to plan on the frontend with moment, continuous outcomes

Free and Open Source

Elementor is the main full free and open source frontend page manufacturer, that incorporates full access to all the plan highlights you may require

Simple To Use

Each control has been carefully chosen to give the best client encounter and enable you to plan at record speeds

No Coding

Achieve top of the line plans, without coding. The subsequent page code is minimized and upgraded for each gadget and screen

Go past the distorted and bland page plans, by having more control over the different segments. Elementor‘s page areas make up the fundamental engineering of the page, and enable you to achieve a level of configuration held as of not long ago for high spending hand crafted sites.


Tinkering with the measure of the sections has never been less demanding. Get one of the corners and drag it until the point when the section design is perfect. You can likewise look over default settings and effortlessly add more segments to the line. Elementor is the best page manufacturer for WordPress, giving you finish control over the tallness and width of your segments.

Section and Content Position

With Elementor, you can choose to position the segment to the best, focus, and base of an area, or extend it to the entire segment. You can likewise position the substance inside the segment in a similar way. This interesting component gives you the flexibility to make a plan that is significantly more modified.


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Set the cushioning and edge for segments, segments and gadgets, utilizing px, EM or %. This component is extraordinary to Elementor. Without utilizing % or EM, the heading you set may wind up looking gigantic in versatile. Our dynamic size settings let you take full preferred standpoint of the different scaling conceivable outcomes.

Segment Gap

Change the holes between segments keeping in mind the end goal to give your plan a chance to relax. By changing the holes without a moment’s delay, you can experiment with various segment designs, and outwardly choose which one has the best fit. This setting is incredibly easy to modify, however has a colossal effect on the closure result.

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