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Reviews always help people in making purchases decisions. No matter what you are reviewing, it is always important to give a summary of the product/service that you are reviewing.

A great way to start or even wrap up your review is to give your reader a quick glance of what they will or have already read. Providing your audience with a description, product information, specific rating criteria and an overall rating of what you are reviewing is a smart idea to grab their attention.

If you want to have exceptional reviews, WP Rich Snippets is an all in one solution. It allows you to present a big chunk of information in a few lines. In addition, it keeps SEO in mind. We will talk about that in details later in this article.

People always love to see the opinion of who tried a product. With WP Rich Snippets you can allow your audience to say their word. This will definitely add more credibility to your review.

So, let’s dig deep and see what WP Rich Snippets has to offer.

WP Rich Snippets: What is it?

It’s a WordPress plugin that adds a schema structured markup for your content. In human-readable words, you will be able to add an information box to your content which contains your rating, description, price information, links, opening hours, address, etc to what you are reviewing.

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WPRS - Review Box

SEO and WP Rich Snippets

Adding a schema structured markup to your content will increase the Click-through rate CTR. When people search for something you reviewed, they will see this beautiful snippet in the search results page.

Rich Snippet Preview

WP Rich Snippets Features

WP Rich Snippets is a premium plugin and it has tons of features to offer over the free plugins that provide a similar functionality.

  • Support for popular schema.org markup types such as Article, Recipe, Review, Product, Restauraunt, etc.
  • Multiple types of reviews including rating, percentage, votes and user aggregate rating.
  • Easy Styling customization.
  • Editor and Users reviews.
  • You can add images, videos and sliders to the reviews.
  • You can add Call-to-action buttons to your reviews for higher conversions.
  • Multiple display options. You can add the review at the bottom or at the top of your page. Also, you can use review widgets.
  • Review Pros & Cons.
  • Extended functionality with addons.

Setup and Configuration

Once you have WP Rich Snippets installed and activated, head to the settings page. It’s pretty clear and straightforward.

WPRS Settings Page

Choose for what post type you want the reviews to be enabled and set some default criteria that would match the products that you will be reviewing, for example, if you are a software reviewer you can customize the criteria to your likings then decide if you want your visitors to be able to rate. Everything in the settings page explains itself and you will find yourself setting it up like a pro!

However, there are 2 tabs (Misc and Help) I didn’t like, compared to the other rich tabs. I thought that I will have more options to play with under these tabs.

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WP Rich Snippets in Action

When you complete the configuration, you can start using WP Rich Snippets by navigating to the post type you enabled in the WP Rich Snippets settings page. For example, I enabled it for the regular posts. Go to Posts -> Add New and you will find the plugin meta box just beneath your WP editor.

WPRS Meta box

Now, choose the type of the snippet.

WPRS Schema Types

When you’re done with filling in the review details, preview your post and see the awesome, eye-catching review box.

WP Rich Snippets Frontend Snippet

WP Rich Snippets Add-ons

WP Rich Snippets has several add-ons (14 by the date of this post) some of them can be described with one word, MAGNIFICENT!

  • WooCommerce Reviews: WooCommerce reviews integration, plus advanced user reviews and ratings features added to your e-commerce site.IMHO, this is a must have feature in every eCommerce website!
  • Ranking Table: Displays a sortable table with ranked reviews.
  • Compare: Display a product comparison table. This allows the reader to compare two procusts side by side
  • Call-To-Action: Display an eye-catching call-to-action button after each review page on your WordPress website.

Documentation and Support

WP Rich Snippets has a dedicated support forum where you can post your questions/issues and get a fast response. Not to mention that they have a rich documentation that will definitely help you configure and use the plugin.

WPRS Documentation


WP Rich Snippets is translated into German, Spanish, and Arabic. Also, it’s ready to be translated into your language.

Pricing and How to Get

There are 4 plans you can choose from. With the Professional and the Ultimate plans, you will get the add-ons for free otherwise, you will have to pay for every add-on. These plans provide you with an unlimited license to use the plugin on any number of websites you want.

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The Personal is limited to 1 website, the Plus plan is limited to 3 websites. For both plans will have to purchase the add-ons separately.

All plans will provide you with 1 year of support and updates except for the Ultimate version, it provides you with lifetime support and updates.

WPRS Pricing Table

Who can make the best use of WP Rich Snippets?

In my opinion, this plugin is a must have for every eCommerce website owner and serious reviewers who make a living from affiliate marketing . It provides a summary and rates the products, which is what every potential buyer want to see. This will definitely help in boosting your conversion rates.

[download url=”https://wpcolt.com/go/wprs/”]Get WP Rich Snippets[/download]

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WP Rich Snippets
  • Functionality
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Documentation and Support
  • Add-ons


WP Rich Snippets comes with a ton of features and magnificent add-ons. It’s an easy-to-use plugin and it will help you increase your traffic as well as your conversion rates.


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