WP Security Audit Log Plugin Review

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WP Security Audit Log Plugin Review

In this post we are going to discuss and review this WordPress plugin called WP Security Audit Log. Your security logs offer an abundance of data about how your site is being assessed and how information is prepared in the engine, so it’s essential to figure out how to read those logs. 
This is their official website https://www.wpsecurityauditlog.com/

Why It’s so important to Use a WordPress Activity Log

If your WordPress website use a activity log, this will help your keep eye on your website important changes. To monitor if your website being hacked or assessed by unauthorized personal. This is because you can view the users activity on your website, if you are the only admin, all the website changes and update should made only by you and not others.

Many websites allow more than one user to access to admin backend such entire tea of writers, editors, developers, and third party contractor. This is leading to so many uncertainty on your website, with this WP Security Audit Log Plugin allow you to monitor all the activity log and always easy to figure out who is the one who deleted the post, or having some strange changes on your website. If you are suspect the changes was malicious, this is simple way to crawl back all the log and identify the malicious activity on the website.

This is the reason why tracking activity on the website is so important. As you cannot maintain the activity log manually, but you able to tracking these activity by using this WP Security Audit Log Plugin.

Take control of your site – realize who is logged in and what they are doing as such you can remain over the amusement and have add up to control of your site.

Enhance WordPress security – Identify suspicious in the engine movement before it turns into a genuine risk and find out about your assailants to all the more likely secure and ensure your site

Meet administrative consistence prerequisites – PCI, GDPR, ISO, HIPAA and other administrative consistence bodies expect organizations to keep a review log of everything that occurs on their WordPress sites.

Straightforwardness WordPress investigating – quit squandering hours doing mystery, or endeavoring to discover what occurred or what your customers did before the site went down. Discover precisely what occurred inside a moment.

Functionality – Free Version VS Premium Version

The monitoring and audit log functionality is available in the free edition of the WP Security Audit Log plugin. However, you might need extra tools functionality such as Search, Reports and Email Notifications. That’s where WP Security Audit Log Premium comes in! The premium edition of WP Security Audit Log works on top of the free plugin and adds some very useful features!
  • Audit Log Functionality [Free Version]
  • WordPress Email Notifications Extension [Premium]
  • Security Alerts Search Extension [Premium]
  • Reporting Extension [Premium]

Audit Log Viewer 

This is free version feature of Audit Log Viewer. The log viewer gives you the list of all the ongoing on your site such as –

  • When WordPress users log in or out
  • From where WordPress users are logging in
  • Users who created a blog post, page or a custom post
  • Users who published a blog post, page or a custom post
  • Users who modified published WordPress content such as custom posts, pages or a blog posts
  • Users who moves content such as blog posts or WordPress pages to trash or permanently deleted it
  • Users who modify WordPress widgets
  • Uses who upload or delete any files

Users Login and Management

For this users login and management is a powerful feature that able to monitor who is logged in to your website, you able to check when and where the users login from. You even able to terminate users session with single click of button. This is useful when you see someone doing suspicious activity on your website, even you able to block multiple sessions for the same user. 

Email Notification

If you upgrade to premium, you will able to configure email notification to receive an instant alert notification or customize it whenever important changes. 

You can add new notification by using Email notification tab. You configure notifications when there is any users login, change content or do any changes  on your website. You can also configure security email notification, to keep alert with any malicious activity. Here is a complete list of free and paid features, highlighting how extensive their solution is: https://www.wpsecurityauditlog.com/activity-log-plugin-datasheet/

Above picture show a default email template which you also able to edit and create your own templates for email notifications.

Superior Coverage of Different Events

This WP Security Audit Log Plugin has superior coverage. No other plugin can report all the different events that this plugin can report at the moment.


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Create Statistics, Managerial and Compliance WordPress Reports

For the premium version you will be able to configure automated daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly report as shown on picture above. You can key in your email address and your name to receive reports automatically. 

You can create any kind of WordPress site and client movement report from the WordPress review preliminary. You can likewise arrange and plan robotized day by day, week after week and month to month reports which you can get through email.





  •  Send email notifications based on custom triggers
  •  Create custom audit log reports on-demand, or schedule them weekly/monthly (sent via email)
  •  Store alerts in an external database
  • -Custom search & filtering for the audit log
  • -Track logged-in users, and terminate their session with one click

This WP Security Audit Log Plugin is user friendly and able to help you track all the event that happen on your WordPress website. This WordPress plugin suitable for personal website or even business website! Prevention is better than cure. This plugin help you detect malicious activity before it become serious issues. You can download this free version of plugin at HERE.


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