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We moved WPColt to Kinsta! Most of us might know that Kinsta is a performance-oriented WordPress hosting. Well, based on my experience after a few months of migrating to Kinsta, I must say that it provides much more than a blazing fast website. Their support team is highly responsive and will exceed all your expectations. On top of that, Kinsta dashboard is self-explanatory and facilitates the process of performing complex tasks within a few clicks.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we had a 37% boost in performance after migrating to Kinsta without using any caching plugin. A higher page loading time harms your search engine ranking, affects the conversion rates and the overall user experience on your website. This is a solid reason why you would want to pay close attention to your website’s performance.

In this Kinsta review, I will walk you through the Kinsta’s dashboard and go over the features that it provides. Before that allow me to give you a mini-tutorial on testing your website performance.

Testing Your Website Performance

Providing the ultimate content must be empowered by a fast loading website. You don’t want your website visitor to wait for a long time as many studies have proven that users abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load the content.

If you haven’t used any speed testing tools, I recommend using Pingdom. Simply type in your website URL and click on the Start Test button. As we are now hosting WPColt on Kinsta let me show you the page speed results before and after. The loading time before migrating to Kinsta was 1.57 S:
Kinsta review

After Migrating to Kinsta the page loading time dropped to 956 ms, which is a 37% boost in performance!
Kinsta review

Kinsta Hosting Architecture

Hosting servers are computers, the better the specs and technologies they use; the better performance you get. You might be wondering, how does Kinsta manage to provide such decrease in page loading times? Well, there are two main reasons:

  1. Kinsta is powered by the Google Cloud Platform (Premium Tier), offering 15 data centers around the world.
    Well, why is this important? Depending on the location of your visitors you can choose a server that is nearby them to decrease the latency. If the majority of your visitors are from the US, it makes sense that you choose a data center that is located there.Here is the list of the data centers locations:

    • Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
    • St. Ghislain, Belgium
    • Changhua County, Taiwan
    • Sydney, Australia
    • The Dalles, Oregon, USA
    • Ashburn, Virginia, USA
    • Moncks Corner, South Carolina, USA
    • São Paulo, Brazil
    • London, UK
    • Frankfurt, Germany
    • Jurong West, Singapore
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • Mumbai, India
    • Montréal
    • Netherlands
  2. Using cutting edge web hosting technologies, including:
    • PHP7, offering much higher performance compared to its predesesors and lower memory consumption.
    • Nginx, an open source web server proven to be faster than its compatitors.
    • HHVM, in case PHP7 is underdelivering you can switch to HHVM with a few clicks!
    • HTTP/2, the latest and greatest internet protocol.
    • MariaDB
    • LXD Containers
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All the technologies mentioned above sustain a fast, solid, and reliable hosting for your website.

Kinsta’s Dashboard and Features

I must say that Kinsta’s dashboard is self-explanatory, you won’t need time to figure out where the different options are. On the left-hand side, you have the different admin tabs, we will look into them in details later in this review. You can also see your recourses usage, invoices, and the number of visitors to each site you have.

Kinsta review
Let’s jump into the Sites management screen as it is where you will be spending most of the time. You can see a list of all the sites you have associated with some information about each site. In case you are hosting many website with Kinsta, you can use the search field to look up your site.
Kinsta review

Clicking the Manage button allows you to:

    • Display the site’s IP address
    • Manage SFTP/SSH
    • Access the database using phpMyAdmin
    • Manage you domains
    • Backups
    • Clearing the site cach
    • Enabling HTTPS
    • Display a list of the plugins that you are using
    • Managing CDN
    • Server logs

Kinsta review

Now that we took a quick tour of the site management screen let’s delve into the features that Kinsta offers.


If you asked me what is better than a blazing fast hosting, the answer will be a blazing fast hosting empowered by CDN! Kinsta offers a free CDN service that is easy to set up. They also offer an integration with my personal favorite CDN “KeyCDN“.
Kinsta review


Kinsta offers a free DNS feature via Amazon Route 53. Managing the DNS is done through your dashboard which is very convenient.


I must say that Kinsta provides a solid package when it comes to security. Here is a list:

    1. You can setup Two-Factor Authentication to your Kinsta’s control panel, which is crucial as if anyone has these credentials they can cause serious damage to your website and even deleting it!

Kinsta review

    1. You get free SSL certificates and I must say that it is super-easy to set it up for your website. All you need to do is navigate to site’s management screen and click the Let’s Encrypt button. You also get to add custom HTTPS certificates from there.
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lets encrypt

  1. The Activity Log keeps track of all the actions and the person who performed them.
  2. Kinsta takes care of minor WordPress Updates as they include bug fixes and security patches.
  3. Using pirated themes and plugins on your website results in major security issues as the pirated software might include code that allows hackers to get into your website. Additionally, using older versions of themes and plugins compromises the security of your website in a similar manner. Kinsta takes care of all of that by scanning your website for malware and removing it. On top of that, it keeps a list of all the plugins that includes malicious code and ban them
  4. If for some reason, your websites get hacked, Kinsta offers to fix your website for free. I wish it was that easy back in the old days!

Backups and Restores

I won’t start talking about the importance of backing up your website because it is super important! Here are some unfortunate events that can happen where backing up your website saves the day:

  1. You provided your website credentials to one of the support teams to investigate/fix an issue with a plugin or your theme and they broke the website.
  2. An inexperienced developer is working on your website an broke it.
  3. You were playing with your site and now it is not working!
  4. You accidentally deleted your website (it happens!) and never had a backup of it.

None of the mentioned above will happen to you if you are hosting your website on Kinsta as you get daily automatic backups. What is even more interesting is that you get 14 consecutive backups stored on your account for each site you host. Additionally, you get to perform manual backups whenever you want.

Restoring any of the backups require a single click! You also get to choose to restore your backup to your live site or staging environment.

Kinsta review

Staging Environment

If you want to change the structure or the looks of your website, a staging environment is a must as you don’t want things to break on your live site. Rather than taking a copy of your site and passing it to the developer to work on then migrating the updated version to the live site, Kinsta provides a one-click staging environment to your website. Not to mention that your staging environment is automatically backed up as well. Switching to the staging environment is done with one-click.

Kinsta review

Pushing the changes to your live site is as easy.
Kinsta review


I must say that Kinsta’s knowledge base is well-categorized. The articles are detialed as they provide stetp-by-step instructions and screenshots. What I like even more than Kinsta’s knowledge bas is their blog as they write about different WordPress topics.

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When it comes to support, I would give Kinsta support team an 11/10! They simply exceed all your expectations.The support is available 24/7 via chat that is available on all the pages on your account.

What is nice about Kinsta’s chat support is that you are free to navigate through the different pages without losing the chat. In addition, your chats are preserved in case you need to get back to them.

Kinsta review


Well, Kinsta is not your average hosting service. This totally justifies the higher price you pay as you get a smashing fast website. Starting at $30/month you get, 1 WordPress installation, 20,000 visits, and 3GB of disk space. It is worth mentioning that Kinsta plans used to start at $100 a month, this is a huge move from the folks at Kinsta to make their hosting affordable for smaller businesses. The plans at Kinsta goes all the way to $900!
Kinsta review

If your site is getting a decent amount of traffic, you will want to give your visitors a delightful experience. Applied each and every performance trick in the book and things are still slow? I highly recommend moving to Kinsta.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that your website will gain more speed with Kinsta as they offer the best hosting servers architecture you can find in the market. If you really care about bringing a pleasant browsing experience to your visitors, you can’t go wrong choosing Kinsta.

The fact that Kinsta uses the Google Cloud Platform is a huge plus. On top of that, you get to host your website on one of the 15 data centers distributed in different locations around the world which is something that you won’t get using other hosting services.

I really like the new price scheme that Kinsta is offering as it allows smaller scale websites to get first-class performance at reasonable prices.

Already hosting your website on Kinsta? Share your experience with us in the comments section below. If you are not happy with your current hosting, check out Kinsta website for more information.

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Kinsta Review
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I must say that Kinsta covers it all! You get premium performance and features at an affordable price. Not to mention the simplicity of using the different features and the extraordinary support. If you are looking for a performance upgrade for your website, look no further!

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