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WordPress Form Builder Plugin -What is HappyForms?

One of the best things about using WordPress for your website is there is always new plugin in the market to help us improve our website. Even though you do not know any coding, but you can still operate and build a website. Today we tried out another plugin, the plugin called “HappyForms”. As from the name I think you able to roughly guess what is this plugin right? This is a WordPress Form Builder Plugin, which you can build your customized form and embedded in your WordPress website just in few minutes.


–>HappyForm Official Website<–

–>HappyForms WordPress Plugin<–


How can HappyForm help you?

HappyForm can help you build your website form, without need you to know any single line of coding. You just have to drag, drop and edit your form. It’s simple and easy!

You can create the example forms as follow:

  • Contact Form
  • Order and Purchase Form
  • Summer Camp Registration Form
  • Online Booking Form
  • Feedback Form
  • Event Satisfaction Survey Form
  • Online Survey Form
  • Support Form
  • …… many more

***The HapyyForms is 100% FREE and UNLIMITED


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How can HappyForms Solve your problem?

There are many new website in the market struggle to earn and trying to minimize the cost of website operation. Today with HappyForms, you can create your online form with FREE and UNLIMITED. This WordPress Form Builder Plugin help your customer to reach you and initiative the conversations, as most of the business deal started with conversation.  With these 100% free  feature you can save up about $186 per year. Besides from that, you can have the eye-bird view of your incoming messages by filtered out read and unread messages. This feature will help you manage your customer easily.

Reliable message delivery as HappyForms ensure that all your forms will be delivered. You can build your form with drag, drop and edit form with live preview. The plugin also equipped with the spam protection function from built-in Honeypot and ReCaptcha.


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How to Install HappyForms – WordPress Form Builder Plugin

Step 1 – Proceed to Plugin section in WordPress and Click “Add New”

Step 2 – Search “HappyForms”

Step 3 – Find “HappyForms” in the search results and click “Install”

Step 4 – Once you have installed. Then Click on “Activate” to activate the plugin

Step 5 – You now will receive a welcome message. Please enter your email address to agree share usage data to receive important notifications.


What Next? Create your form

The next, you need to create your form. Go to HappyForms –> Add New.  On the left part is the area where you can insert your data title, description to build your form. On the right hand part, you can have a preview how your form looks like.

Wordpress Form Builder Plugin


Once you completed setup your form, please click “NEXT”. After that, you will required to fill up your “Email Address”.  You going to get notify the new responses. Fill up the “On Complete Redirect Link” – the URL that will be redirected to after the form submission.

*You can customize your confirmation message and subject of the email that will send to recipient.

*You can style your form with different color, fonts and so on. 


Insert your form into website

After created your form, now is the time to insert your form into website. This is easy and simple, you can insert your form by clicking “Add HappyForms” in your posting dashboard.



Apart from that, you can also add your form into your side bar. Go to “Appearance” –> “Widget”. Drag HappyForms widget and drop in the side bar panel. Choose your form to show on the side bar.


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HappyForms is a simple and user friendly WordPress Form Builder Plugin. You now able to create and build your own form on your WordPress Dashboard, you just need few minutes to create a form. Easy to use and understand how its works. All the feature that require to build a form they have it and it’s FREE. Hope they you come out more fantastic feature or PRO version in the future. I think it’s worth to download and use for your website as it’s FREE!

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