How to Add Responsive Table to your WordPress Site

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The classic says: “Everything in a human being should be beautiful”. No wonder if web design would be accessible that time, he would say that, everything should be beautiful in website structure. To achieve this one, we should consider the design and functionality of different tables, which are necessary feature for lots of sites, but which aren’t always thought out to the last detail.

Responsive Tables in Modern Web Design

The problem of tables’ adaptation not only to the structure of the site, but to the size of the users’ monitor is actual for today. The web designers try to offer the best solutions for websites users, who are meeting different complications looking through the content at the page provided in the tables.

The loyalty of the users is the aim of each web-resource. If their structure will be adapted to every user, however he uses notebook with large monitor or mobile phone with small screen, its popularity would be only increased.

The developed table layout gives the solution of the table adaptation problem to the screen size of any device. Without magic and mystery the size of the table would become larger or smaller and its columns would be inserted or removed in proper way.

Without loss of information, without broken of the columns, all the data in tables would be represented on the screen by default.

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It’s more than convenient for all users. No doubt, they return to your site again and again and share it in the network.

Data Tables Plugin for Making Tables Responsive

If you want to add responsive table to your WordPress site, simply install Table maker plugin by Supsystic. The settings of this table plugin are made on easy terms.

Responsive mode would be set in the Features section of the Settings tab:

responsive mode of the data table

Data Table maker offers:

  • Standard Responsive mode– The misfit of table content to the columns solves with the building of the columns under one another with one cell per row

For example, this table

data table WP

in the small phone screen will look such a way:

responsive table standard mode

  • Automatic column hiding – The misfit of the content to parent container width solves with columns collapse from right to left. The user just presses “+” icon and sees the misfit columns

Data table automatic column hiding

  • Horizontal scroll – the overflowing of table container width solves with scrolling bar. All the table becomes visible by scrolling

Rresponsive table horizontal scroll

  • Disable responsivity. This option makes all the table visible without responsivity.

After creating tables with the help of this plugin, simply copy the shortcode and insert it in your page, where you’d like to display the table. If in the future you’ll make some changes, for example, in table design, you will not need to copy the shortcode again. All changes will be applied to the pages where the shortcode was added before.

There is another way to add responsive table to your WordPress site: manually adding HTML codes. The best method for this is setting breakpoints.

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You can manually make tables stack-able or scroll-able. Horizontal scroll method was mentioned above. It is a good way of remaining a table viewable without scrolling the phone screen in total. It is possible to set the control point not avoiding the text to smear out or become smaller. The table becomes scrollable if the screen comes across your control point.

Manual HTML Tables Regulation

Using the following code is the simplest way to add responsive table to your WordPress site, if you don’t want to install any plugins:

<div class=”table-responsive” style=”max-width: 100%; overflow: auto;”>





The code <div class=”table-responsive” style=”max-width: 100%; overflow: auto;”> should be added before the tag <table> and </div> should be added at the end of the table after the tag </table>.

Here is the live example of the table added such a way:

Food January February March April
Milk 5 6 7 5
Sugar 4 3 5 3
Bread 2 3 4 2

You can make the size of your screen smaller and try scrolling this table yourself.

Check this theory in practice. The easiest way to do this is to install Responsive Table Generator by Supsystic and receive pleasure from the work with tables, neither using laptop, notebook, iPhone or something else. But if there are not many big tables on your site, and there is no need to make special table design, you can add simple HTML code to each of them and create tables with scrolling manually. In this case you would not need to install any additional plugins.

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