15+ Best and Fastest Blog WordPress Themes of 2017

WordPress Blog Themes
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Running a WordPress powered blog is the easiest way to reach your target fans. There is a large number of bloggers using WordPress because it’s the most preferred blogging platform due to its powerful features and great ability to customize and create their own unique websites. In this post, we have collected the best blog WordPress themes for any kind of blog you plan to have. So if your blog is personal or about food, fashion, lifestyle or any other kind of blogs. Then all you need is just choose one of these amazing themes.


Extra theme

Extra theme is fully responsive theme powered by the Divi builder and extended with new modules and a new layout system, comes with elegant design, it also includes a home-brewed review system and perpetual updates which will always work with the latest version of WordPress.

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Blogging theme

An ultimate blogging theme designed for bloggers with lots of content, It has HTML5 and CSS3 markup, Your blog building will be easier, and your earnings will be higher with the more traffic generated by the optimizations for search engines and advertising

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Schema theme

Schema is one of the fastest themes loading, perfect for SEO with all features you’ll need to build a great site including an amazing powerful option panel. Also, includes rich snippets will help search engines your site and give your site higher rank.

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Video theme

If you want to have a blog that has media like videos, then Video will be your choice, with included features for media like watch later feature, like/dislike feature, playlist and sharing buttons.

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Speirs theme

Speirs is an elegant blogging theme. Ideal for travelers, photobloggers, foodies, and anyone who wants an elegant site with just the right customization options. Easy to set up and maintain, Speirs is fully responsive and flexible, offering predefined layouts for your blog.

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Cool theme

Cool is a theme with eye-catching modern design. Perfect for monetization and will make your visitors amazed by how stylish your website is.

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New York

New York theme

New York is a WordPress theme for all bloggers. Featuring a clean, minimal and fast design that is not only perfect for sharing your content but also for captivating your readers’ attention. Stop messing with bloated and hard to use themes and switch to New York. Simply install and activate the theme and you are ready to blog!

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Cheerup theme

CheerUp is a theme with unique designs for blogs and elegant magazines, with luxury features and design options. Created to be special for all kinds of blogs.

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Carrie theme

With 7 different blog layouts and many other amazing features, Carrie is a perfect WordPress blog theme suitable for any personal blog.
It also has a pure and clean design can be easily installed to start your personal or magazine blog with one click.

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Divi theme
Divi theme is one of the best multi-purpose themes that can be fully customized to your website needs. You can’t really go wrong when choosing this theme as it offers loads of customization options that will allow you to have your own unique design.

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Jevelin theme

Jevelin is a multi-purpose mobile ready WordPress theme for your business, freelance and private use and
with predesigned templates and many blog posts styles you can create blogging websites or integrate post shortcodes into your Jevelin based website.

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Writing theme
Writing is one of the best options for personal blog sites of writers to make their blog focuses on writing content and make their readers feel pleasure when they read posts and articles. It also comes with many amazing features especially the hidden sidebar that can be used to display brief author biographies, social profiles, and recent posts.

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MyBlog theme

MyBlog is a modern, fluid responsive theme which will give you a professional look for your blog and it has all the features you need, So it is the theme of choice for top bloggers.

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MyPortfolio theme

MyPortfolio is one of the best WordPress themes for showcasing your work, comes with a lot of options and highly beautiful customizable layout.
Try it and you’ll amaze the visitors of your site with examples of your services and products.

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Interactive theme
Interactive is a highly professional blog & magazine wordpress theme, with many powerfull features perfect for bloggers with lots of content and for those who want to engage with thier audience.

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Now you can have your own blog website with just a few steps, and thanks to blog WordPress themes you’ll be able to customize your blog and share your content, with your own style.

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