How to Build a Website Without Coding – Step by Step

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How to Build a Website Without Coding – Step by Step

Today I’m going to show you how to step by step build a website without coding. Why you need a website? There a re many reason why you need a website. Such as website for your shop, store, company, e-commerce, blogging, and so on. If you need a website for certain purpose but you do not know how to start. No worry, build a website is not complex. But you must have some money with you, at least about around $20 for low budget website. Usually if you sign for many years, there will be more discount on the price.

First of all, in you mind you must know what kind of website you are planning to build. 

    1. Personal Websites
    2. Photo Sharing Websites
    3. Writers / Authors Websites
    4. Community Building Websites
    5. Mobile Device Websites
    6. Blogs
    7. Informational Websites
    8. Online Business Brochure/Catalog
    9. Directory Websites
  10. E-commerce Websites

After you decided which type of  website to build, first of all you need a domain + hosting.

If you are new, you might wonder that what is domain and hosting right? Domain is your website address name, such as for my website – is the domain. Hosting is place that we store our website files and database. As we keep our website file and database somewhere the data able to be accessed by anyone 24 hours. 

Get Started, First Step – Get a Hosting + Domain

I would recommend Hostgator Hosting. When you choosing the hosting is the most important step for your website. As we need a stable hosting and reliable hosting company to store our website files. If the hosting is not good and frequently having intermittent downtime, that will be problem for you. This is because your website visitor will not able to access your website when there is a down time. This not only will cause your website visitor frustrated, but also will lower your website ranking in search engine such as Google. This will affect your Search Engine Optimization SEO. You will hard to rank your website in higher position on search engine. 


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Hostgator package come with domain name, when you sign up your hosting, you can check domain availability.



Once you click on “Buy Now” button, it will bring you to the page below. Please choose “I Aready Own This Domain” if you have purchased a domain name. Or else please select “Register a New Domain”. To key in the domain name that you want, to search for availability.



Once you sign up and make the payment. You will receive 2 email from Hostgator. You will receive email about your billing and another email is “No-reply” email which is content the information of your website server.

Below showing the example of the email.


Click  “Your Control Panel” link. It will bring you to your Hostgator account page. Select the “Domain” tab and select “setting” icon.

setup hosting


Click on “Change” to change the nameserver to the server that email to you.

hostgator change nameserver










After you change the nameserver, please go to “Hosting” tab. 













Step 2 – Install WordPress

Now is the turn to build your website. Click on “Get Started with WordPress Today”

get started














Select your domain name and click “Next” to the next page of WordPress installation

select domain









Enter your website title, admin user name, your first and last name. Click “Next” to start install


It will takes 1-3 minutes to install WordPress in your hosting.


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Please mark down your installation details.


Click on “My Install” Tab to change your WordPress Admin Login Password. Reset the password to your own password.











To login your WordPress dashboard, click the “Admin Login”.  You might not access to access your website admin page yet. As your Domain DNS propagation will take 24 hours to finish it propagation. 

You can go to to check if your website propagation completed. All green tick show appear if propagation is completed.











After you setup your WordPress, there is more things to do. In order to setup your website outlook and function.

There is few premium page builder that will help you to design your website into professional outlook without any you to do any coding. I would suggest you read out Divi 3.0 and Divi 3.0.  These are drag and drop page builder. Definitely will help you to build your website. 

You can download WordPress Plugin to help you with your website function. Please take a look the list of plugin that which is the best for WordPress website.


Please follow our blog. We will share more how to manage a WordPress website and get more traffic to your website.










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