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If you’re using Disqus comment system plugin instead of native WordPress comments, so probably you noticed the extra HTTP requests by Disqus that slowing your website performance. I have found other bloggers who abandoned Disqus because of that annoying issue, actually, I did it before until I found this awesome free plugin (Disqus Conditional Load) that provides many options to control the loading of Disqus comments.

With Disqus Conditional Load you can add a click to load button or lazy load Disqus comments.

Don’t activate DCL if you have Disqus activated because you’ll get this error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare dsq_options().. So you have to deactivate Disqus plugin before activating “Disqus Conditional Load” plugin

Disqus Conditional Load features:

  • Free, you can get it from WP repository and you’ll have the basic options that you need.
  • Support for importing the existing comments.
  • Controlling how Disqus loading: You have options On Click, On Scroll, Normal and On Scroll start, but the last one is for the Pro version.
  • Adjust Disqus comments width
  • Custom labels for button text and loading messages.
  • Caching Support.
  • Can be disabled for custom post types.

Once you activate DCL successfully, you can access its settings via DCL Settings in your WordPress dashboard


In Disqus Conditional Load settings page, you can set it up to meet your needs.

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Disqus Conditional Load Settings


As you can see, you can select either On Click, On Scroll or Normal for How to load Disqus option, personally, I would recommend sticking with On Scroll if you install the free version.

Disqus settings:

On the other hand, you can visit the standard Disqus options as usual by going to Comments -> Disqus page on your WordPress dashboard.

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If you’re using Disqus comment system plugin, then you have to move to DCL. You’ll have better loading speed for your pages plus the awesome standard disqus comments you love!

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