Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid to Become a Professional Blogger

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You spend hours researching for the right topic, writing a comprehensive blog post, optimizing it for the search engines by adding the right keywords at the right places, and even share them on social networks. You have followed every expert advice you came across including posting at the optimum frequency, keeping your content to the recommended length and strictly adhering to the mantra “content is king, and distribution is queen”.

So why are you struggling to drive traffic to your website? Why can’t you get enough likes, comments, and shares on your social media accounts?

Well, if this is your predicament, there must be something you are doing wrong. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the most common blogging mistakes that you are probably making and should avoid at any cost to become a successful blogger.

1. Starting with a broad niche

This is one of the biggest mistakes that a majority of bloggers make when setting up their blog. Ashley Faulkes, a founder of MadLemmings, shares that he started out with WordPress, online marketing, and more niches. However, he soon realized that he wasn’t going to work and he shifted his complete focus on SEO for WordPress.

Well, it certainly takes a lot of time and effort to get the focus right but try if you can to be more focused in your choice of niche.

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A blog’s niche is more important that you think it is as it’s what defines your website. Readers will want to visit your website because it is about a particular subject. Having a website that has too broad or too narrow niche won’t help you build a targeted audience. You tend to struggle driving traffic to your website when you have to write on tons of different subjects. Also, visitors should know exactly what your website is about and if they are confused about your website, they are more likely to jump to your another site.

Don’t fall into the trap of rushing to start your blog, choose your blog’s niche carefully and work on it to drive traffic.

2. Submitting Irrelevant Content

Why would a website about WordPress need a post about health? Once you have chosen a niche for your blog, make sure you write content that justifies it instead of investing your time and effort on writing something which is completely irrelevant. And to write relevant content, you need to research what people are looking for.

I have seen many bloggers writing relevant yet useless content that does not convert their casual visitors into subscribers. You want to capture the attention of your visitors by writing content they are interested in and looking for.

To write the most relevant and useful content, you should:

  • Know your customer persona
  • Figure out what your target audience is searching
  • Go through all the blog categories to write a blog post that is related to one of the categories

3. Not creating an email list

There is no denying the fact that sharing your content on social media platform is an important step to drive tons of traffic to your website. But that’s not the only way of driving traffic. Social media is a great way to connect with new prospects and interact with them. But when it comes to connecting with your existing readers and customers on a more personal level, you need email marketing.

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It allows you to stay in touch with your readers and let them know about your latest blog posts, news and other offers you may have for your loyal readers. Also, when you publish a new blog post, your email list will give you an initial surge of traffic.

You email list should contain people who have willingly opted-in for your newsletter. This is because they care about what you have to say.

4. Not bothering about other parts of a post

A blog post doesn’t just consist of text. It also contains images that is one of the most important parts of your blog post. What your blog says is important, but so does how it looks. A web user tends to abandon your blog post if it’s difficult to read. According to Stanford University’s survey, it was found that 1% of people consider the looks of a blog post to judge blog’s credibility. Well, that’s not a huge number but still, you may have half of your target audience in that 1%. Thus, it’s important to not only write quality content but also to present it beautifully with unique and self-explanatory images. Also, pay attention to formatting, headers, sub headers, conclusion, and typography.

5. Not promoting your Content

You may have spent hours writing a masterpiece but nobody is ever going to read it if they don’t hear about it. Quality is important and so is marketing. Simply writing a quality blog post, publishing it on your blog won’t do anything good unless you get out there and let people know about your writing and new blog post. Use social media platforms, forums, blog sharing websites and article submitting sites to drive traffic to your website.

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Well, you may find hundreds of people giving advice on what you should and shouldn’t do when setting up your blog. But the fact is every blog is different and only you can figure out what works for you. Make mistakes but what’s more important is to learn from them. A blogger who is capable of learning from his/her mistakes will certainly do better than others.

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