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Jump Links:

used to link your visitors from one part from your page’s content to another.

Why Jump Links are important?

The importance of the jump links comes when you have something in your page’s content that is related to another part, for example, when you have a table of content at the top of your page and you want to link each entry to the corresponding part of the page. When your visitor clicks on entry, he will go directly to that part. Then you can link back to the table of content again.

Create Jump Links in WordPress:

You’ll need two things to create your jump link, the target text and the link. When the visitor clicks the link, he will jump to the target text.

To create the target text:

  • Go to your WordPress editor.
  • Switch to Text editor – To switch between the Visual and Text editing modes, use the tabs at the upper-right corner of the post editing area.
  • Locate the target text
    • if it’s a normal text in your post like: I’m a target text

      or a heading like this

      – rewrite it as the following


That unique-string should contain no spaces, and should be unique.

To create the link:

  • Select the text you want to make it a link.
  • Use the insert/edit link button. In the URL field enter the # symbol, followed by the name of the target’s ID (the unique string we created above)
jump links
Example of creating jump links in WordPress

This will create something like this

Troubles? Read Instructions where ”instructions” is the unique string.

Create Go to the Top of the page link:

To send your visitors to the top of your page or post, edit your page and add this to the top of your page using Text editor

Then you can use the insert/edit link button to link existing text to this target by putting #top in the URL field, or you can use this in the Text editor

Creat Jump Links to link to a target in another Page/Post:

Assume you have created the target text in some page or post and you want to link to it through another page. Another page URL would be something like this, all you have to do is adding the # symbol followed by the target ID to the end of the URL, like this
Now you have the URL for the target, you can use it to link to that target from any other page or post on your site.

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