Create POT files for WordPress Themes and Plugins

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Translating WordPress themes using Poedit is an effortless job. All you need to start is the POT file, but wait! what if the theme has no POT file!? No worries, Eazy Po allows you to create Pot files for your themes.

In this tutorial, we will be creating a POT file for the Twenty Sixteen theme (it already includes a POT file) but we will create one and compare it to the original POT file to check the correctness of the POT files generated by Eazy Po.

  1. Download and install Eazy Po.
  2. Download Twenty Sixteen theme (you can choose any other theme)
  3. Open Eazy Po and click on the first option “Extract messages from source code”

Extract messages from source code

  1. Click on the “Browse folder” button, locate and choose your theme folder then click on the “Select folder” button.

Create your POT file

  1. Click on the “Build” button, then click on the “Execute command” button to create your POT file (the file is saved in the theme directory)

Execute command

You can see that it have generated the POT file including all the strings of the theme.


We compared the POT file generated by Eazy Po and the original theme POT file, the results are amazing. You will get almost 99 % of the theme strings included in the POT file, now that the file is  created you can proceed with translating the theme using Poedit.

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