Custom Web Design vs Website Template – [Infographic]

With online businesses becoming more and more popular by the day, an increasing number of cities have developed a dedicated sector to accommodate this booming market. Dubai is one such city whose name is comparative to other global e-commerce hubs that cater to this business. This year alone, online purchases in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are predicted to top $2 billion. Dubai, with its open economic system, places no tax on corporate profits and keeps the custom duties to a minimum due to which it has become a flourishing e-commerce market. Web design is crucial when it comes to establishing a successful website for your online business. Your decision between a custom web design and a cookie-cutter website template could make or break your company.
Going for a pre-made website template may seem to be the quick and cost-effective method, but in the long run opting for a custom web design may prove to be more beneficial. Where pre-made templates can lack the ability to generate substantial traffic, custom built websites have time and again proved to generate a higher return on investment and better conversion rates. Through custom web development, your company’s website can be tweaked to fulfill your objectives; whereas a template may seem monotonous and similar to already existing web pages. Custom websites can be created for a targeted audience with features to enhance their user experience, unlike templates which do not have much room for changes. Custom made websites may require more time for development and a higher amount of startup investment but having a CMS according to your requirements and impregnable security will make it worth your while. A template’s pre-made CMS and security system might not be able to fulfill your requirements. Moreover, the absence of a built-in SEO support in templates may turn out to be costly in the long run as it will need additional tweaks in the SEO department. Hence, an inbuilt SEO support system will ultimately cut costs. The infographic below further explains the difference between custom web design vs website template.

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