How to Downgrade WordPress to an Earlier Version

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When you update WordPress to the latest version, you may have some errors or issues. Perhaps your theme or one of your plugins is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress, or your hosting does not meet the latest version requirements. Whatever the reason is, the quickest fix is to downgrade WordPress to an earlier version so that your website goes back to its normal state.

Before The Downgrade:

Please, backup your WordPress files and database before proceeding with the downgrade process. You can follow this quick tutorial to backup your files.

Downgrade WordPress to an Earlier Version

To downgrade your WordPress to an earlier version properly:

Step 1:

Install and activate Downgrade Plugin just like any other WordPress plugin.

Step 2:

Go to WordPress official Release Archive page.

Step 3:

Choose the WordPress version you want to downgrade to and then copy the .zip archive link.

Step 4:

Go to Settings -> Downgrade

Step 5:

Paste the copied archive link to the box as shown and then click ‘Save Changes
Paste WordPress Archive Link

Step 6:

Go to Dashboard -> Updates and click ‘Re-install Now

Step 7:

Hooray! WordPress will be downloaded from the link you added in the Downgrade plugin settings.

Important: Make sure to deactivate the plugin when you downgrade WordPress. Every time you try to update WordPress, it will keep downloading WordPress from the link you added in the plugin’s settings page.

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More important: It’s not recommended to use an older version of WordPress. If you’re downgrading WordPress for whatever reason, figure it out and then update WordPress to the latest version again.

I hope this tutorial helps you to downgrade WordPress easily. If you have comments, feedback or questions, please feel free to use the comments section below.

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