Fix hEntry errors for WordPress

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In this post, we explained in details how to fix the annoying hentry errors that appear in your Google Search Console.

fix hentry errors

We have had a lot of requests to help to fix these errors. So we came up with this quick, small and hassle-free service.

What Errors We Will Fix?

The hentry schema consists of many properties and Google Search Console will bother you with errors only when you miss one of the following required properties:

  • entry-title
  • updated
  • author

When The Errors will Disappear?

It depends on when Googlebot will re-detect your pages. Usually, it takes up to a week. But you can always check if the errors are fixed by using Google Structured Data Testing Tool and enter the URL of your post/page and then click on hentry, you should see all entries.

Clients Feedback

This is what the people who ordered the gig said. Get rid of the hentry errors by ordering this gig now.

How to Order?

I will need your WordPress admin login details and FTP details, so using contact forms would not be the efficient way to do that. I found Fiverr to be a secure way for both payment and providing the login details. Just order this gig and get your hentry errors fixed for good.

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