KeyCDN Review: Best Performance and Lowest Price

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KeyCDN Review:

With the free SSL, Secure Token, Origin Shield and HTTP/2 support along with $0.04 per GB, KeyCDN can be considered the most affordable and best performance CDN for WordPress.

We are using KeyCDN on WPColt and on our clients’ websites also, we recommend it to everyone asks for a top-notch CDN service.

KeyCDN Pricing:

KeyCDN does not have packages to buy, instead you pay as you go.


With those prices, you get 5 zones, free CDN storage for pull and free SSL with Let’s Encrypt integration.

If we are going to compare the different CDN prices, KeyCDN will be your choice, no questions about that. As you can see in the following comparison, KeyCDN has the lowest price rates:

CDN Comparison _ Content delivery by KeyCDN

Note that some CDN providers charge additional for HTTP requests or territories such as Europe and Asia. At KeyCDN, it’s different, they charge one flat rate price for access to the entire content delivery network.

KeyCDN Network:


KeyCDN has active 25 POPs. And you will not pay any extra fees for delivering your content to Asia. They also planning continuously to extend the notwork to cover more areas with SSD-optimized edge servers for super-fast delivery.

CMS Integration:


At KeyCDN, you will find a detailed documentation for every CMS integration. They also have a top-notch knowledge base, you will find it really helpful and it’ll save you a lot of time creating support tickets and waiting for answers.

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Management Dashboard:

Once you login to your KeyCDN dashboard, you feel that you know where to click to do whatever you need. It’s simple!


  • Real-time reporting
  • Manage Zones and Zonealiases (CNAMEs)
  • Account usage in near real-time
  • PDF invoices
  • Email change alerting
  • File browser (Push Zone)
  • Responsive UI for mobile and tablet
  • Multiple FTP-user accounts
  • Reporting in table format
  • RESTful API
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Account access rules



KeyCDN and Caching plugins:

You can integrate KeyCDN with the most popular WordPress Caching plugins.

They also created their caching plugin, WordPress Cache Enabler Plugin.

[download url=””]Sign up now and get $10 for free KeyCDN credits![/download]

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Cheaper, high performance, more datacenters around the world, no extra fees for Europe or Asia and soon for Africa. I hope this KeyCDN review convince you to do yourself a favor and give KeyCDN a shot!

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