Optimize your WooCommerce Post-Purchase Experience

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WooCommerce is an e-commerce store operator. If you are interested to see your e-commerce website to its full potential, then you really need to follow some steps. The best way is to attract more and more repeat customers by giving a post-purchase experience. It is a well known fact that making an old customer happy to purchase more goods is much easier to attract new customers. In this post, we will explore a few ways to optimize your WooCommerce post-purchase experience.

Relevant WooCommerce Post-Purchase Experience Information

If a customer is buying a product online and get amazing deals or get more discounts than others, it’s really good for more engagement with the site. The post-purchase emails are most important as they contain the information that is required by any consumer. One can add a good message and product related stuff that is really important to enhance the post-purchase experience.

There can be situations where the e-commerce executives make the emails very pushy that should not be done as that decreases the consumer engagement. Proper care should be taken while sending the emails and the deals that are targeted to the people as if too many irrelevant things are sent then the engagement is lost. Check out some ways to keep customers and enhance the post-purchase experience:

  • The engagement via the social media should be increased so ask them to follow you on social media.
  • The product bought by them should be posted in the social media along with the engagement of your e-commerce site.
  • The deals should be tempting so that the consumers themselves search more products.
  • Make sure, the consumer sign up to your site to get more deals and extra special discount offers.
  • You can also give invitation to consumer for joining the loyalty program.
  • The product review should be posted by the consumer. SO, you can ask review about the product. As the reviews increase the search engine optimization, new customers get the proof and the conversation increases.
  • Ask the customer to share the brand and the personal review with the friends as well as family to increase the post-purchase experience.
  • Most importantly make sure to give the huge discount to the customers with good engagement with the site. This will make them more active.
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In addition to the personalized emails, you may send the computer generated emails to very customers. Along with the post-purchase, you can update the package tracking to enhance the purchase experience.

You should set your store to send a “Your order for the product has shipped” email. Here are few tips to add some content in the email to increase the engagement:

  • Start with the good part – that the order is on the way, will reach as soon possible along with the date.
  • The links provided to the customers should be accurate.
  • Offers should be included in the mail
  • Any call for action and return policy details should be included.

Post purchase Consumer support

The best way to maintain the relationship with the consumer is to give them the world class service after the purchase. There are many situations that the e-commerce sites forget about the consumers after the purchase of the product. This mainly happens with the smaller or the newer sites. So, the proper care should be taken on the services after the purchase.

  • A proper system should be implemented to check for the proper enquiries.
  • The proper contact information of the customer should be visible
  • The proper FAQ page should be maintained for the doubt clearance of the customer.

There is sometimes possible, even with the best customer service providers that the product is delayed or sent to the wrong address or damaged product is delivered. So if any such kind of problem is there you need to do it right and make something profitable for the customer.

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Personalized post-purchase message

Personal text messages are 6 times faster responsive than the mails. So checking the website and doing login all the time is very hectic and problematic. So the personal emails and the text messages are always useful.

  • Wish them on their birthday or any anniversary to make their day special which increases the engagement.
  • Surprise them with special offers on their signup anniversary.
  • Do a thanksgiving on their sharing of the link with anyone else.
  • Few things to note to make the experience of the consumers more reliable:
  • Make the joining easy don’t take too much information.
  • Make sure to give them the privileges of signing up.
  • Programs should be implemented in such a way to that the customers should make the profit rather than giving discounts.
  • Do some campaigns over emails to and give shout out to the consumers in the social media!

End To End Services

You will be happy to know that your consumers have a great experience while shopping and interacting with you. If this process is done, then the customer will automatically interact with a brand. The aim should be there to create customers for life.

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