Oxygen Review – WordPress Visual Website Builder on Steroids

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No doubt that WordPress page builder plugins have proven to facilitate the process of designing pages. Page builders allow beginners to create beautifully designed pages in mere minutes. For developers who build websites for a living, it relieved them from spending time over designing pages. I have seen a lot of people who created awesome pages using one of the page builders plugins out there.

ِAlthough it’s easy to design your pages content with page builders, it becomes challenging to design the other parts of your website like the header, footer, sidebar, etc. In other words, to customize anything on your website but the content, you should have PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML knowledge to be able to edit your theme’s files.

This is not the case with Oxygen, a Visual Website Builder; it gives you a complete, down-to-the-pixel control over the design of your website.

Oxygen Review

Oxygen is a WordPress plugin created by Soflyy; the guys behind WP All Import plugin. Oxygen provides you with a real-time, visual customization for all of your website elements like the header, footer, menus, widgets and of course, the body content.

In this Oxygen review, we’ll dig into this plugin and see what it has got to offer.

Oxygen Main Highlights

In this part of my Oxygen review, I would like to highlight the main points that I found them to be really outstanding about this website builder!

  • Control everything: As I mentioned, you will be able to design and customize every aspect of your website pages.
  • No themes required: It does not matter which theme you’re using; Oxygen disables your entire theme. So you can use any of WordPress default themes like Twenty Seventeen or even a starter theme like Underscores.
  • Insert PHP codes directly in Oxyeg: You can execute WordPress API functions and custom WordPress loops directly and visually in Oxygen while you’re building your pages.
  • WooCommerce, EDD, Contact Form 7?: With Oxygen, you can visually customize any plugin templates. You can customize your contact form, or change the look and feel of your WooCommerce shop, directly inside of Oxygen.
  • Different designs for the different content: With Oxygen Templates you can create a specific design for each part of your website. Create a design for your posts, another one for your pages and custom post types, archives, etc.
    Oxygen Templates
    Oxygen Templates: Different Designs for each part of your site.
  • Anywhere Widgets: Via Oxygen visual builder, you can add WordPress widgets anywhere in your design.
  • Premade Components and Design Sets: Oxygen includes Design Sets which are groups of components (150+) and pages (50+) that have a similar style and ready for customization. You can build your entire website using those premade components easily and quickly.
  • Reusable Parts: You can set any elements as a reusable part and reuse it in any page. Once you edit that element, all versions will be automatically updated. This is tremendously useful for creating menus, footers, header, and sidebars.

    Reusable Parts - Oxygen Review

  • Responsive Designs: All designs you create with Oxygen are responsive. Also, you can create different designs per devices using CSS level designs.

    CSS Level Designs

  • SVG Icons and Google Fonts: By default, Oxygen includes 500 SVG icons and 800+ Google fonts. Also, you can upload your custom SVG icon sets easily via Oxygen -> SVG Sets.
    Custom SVG Sets
  • Oxygen and Other Page Builders: Say you have a page builder that provides you with some design elements you want to use in your project, with Oxygen you’ll be able to use your pages builder without issues. Oxygen works great with all page builders such as Divi Builder, Elementor, etc. Check this video to see how Oxygen works with Elementor.
  • Multilingual Oxygen: If you care about multilingualism as much as we do, so you’ll be happy as Oxygen is playing nicely with WPML. As a result, you can translate the pages you create with Oxyegn to any language easily using WPML.
    Oxygen and WPML Integration
  • Performance: I like the speedy websites, so I could not skip the overall speed of Oxygen. While using Oxygen, you will not feel any lag or delay. Moreover, the pages created using Oxygen are pretty fast. I ran some speed tests for their demo sites and the average loading time is 1.4s. With some caching, images optimization, CSS and JS minification, I’m pretty sure the page loading speed would become even faster.

Get Oxygen Running

Installing Oxygen is quite easy. Once you purchase Oxygen, you’ll get the plugin files along with the license keys. Upload and activate Oxygen then go to Oxygen -> License and insert your license keys as shown

Oxygen License

How to Use Oxygen

The real-time visual builder is pretty self-explanatory. It’s just a few minutes and you’ll get used to it.

Oxygen Visual Builder

To start using Oxygen in designing your pages, create a new page and then publish or save it as a draft. Then, click ‘Edit in Visual Editor‘ button to launch the visual editor.

How to Use Oxygen Visual Builder

Once you click the ‘+Add’ button, Oxygen will open its five tabs and you’ll choose the content to insert.

  • Fundamentals: Contains the basic HTML elements you need for your page such as Sections, Columns, Divs, Text Bloks and Images.
  • WordPress: Using this tab you’ll be able to insert any shortcode (for example, Contact Form 7 shortcode or any other plugin shortcode) or to add WordPress widgets anywhere in your page.
  • Re-Usable: Under this tab you can find the pre-saved components created by you. You can save any component (such as Header, Menus, Footers) as a reusable component to use it on other pages on your website. It is worth mentioning that, these reusable components will be updated everywhere when you update any single instance of them.
  • Components: Contains a wide variety of pre-made components to kickstart your design. You’ll find beautifully designed headers, footers, CTAs, pricing tables, etc.
  • Design Sets: Another pre-made designs to speed up your design. Design Sets are groups of components and pages that have a similar style. In the time of writing this post, there is a design set called Next, it contains 160 components, 50+ pages, and 5 pre-built example websites. You can insert any of them using only one-click!

Oxygen Tabs

Once you add any component to the page, you’ll be able to edit its style using Oxygen toolbar. This toolbar includes many other tools like duplicating the component, deleting it, inserting custom CSS and JavaScript codes that apply to that particular component.

Oxygen Toolbar

When you’re done with adding the components to your page design, you can re-arrange them by using Oxygen’s sidebar. Also, you’ll be able to make reusable components, duplicate and rename the components. Worth to mention, there’s no a drag-n-drop to arrange your page component. To do so, you need to use DOM Tree in Oxygen’s sidebar menu.

Oxygen Sidebar

Documentation and Support

Oxygen knowledge base consists of written guides and videos. About support, they promise you’ll get a reply within 24 hours. You can contact them via a contact form or by sending an email to support@oxygenapp.com

Try Oxygen

If you want to give Oxygen a try, create your own testing website by going to https://oxygenapp.com/try. You can create a blank test installation, or create a test installation with preloaded content that can give you a hint about how the things work.

Pricing and How to Get?

For a limited time, Oxygen is available for an introductory price of $99 includes lifetime support and updates for unlimited sites including your clients’ websites. Along with the 30-Day money back guarantee.

[download url=”https://oxygenapp.com/”]Get Oxygen Now[/download]

What about Cons?!

As I always say, nothing is 100% perfect and this applies to Oxygen. In my Oxygen review, the only criticism for me was the drag-n-drop lack for components positions.

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Oxygen Review
  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Documentation and Support
  • Performance


Oxygen is unique. I’m not aware of any other WordPress product that can do what Oxygen does. It gives you a complete, down-to-the-pixel control over the design of your website elements such as header, footer, content, sidebars, menus. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a WordPress pro, you’ll make use of Oxygen to design and create WordPress websites from scratch.

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