Password Policy Manager and How People Use Weak Passwords

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Password Policy Manager and How People Use Weak Passwords

It is difficult to ignore the security of monitoring WordPress sites and goals.Many business website managers choose a secure WordPress website for their purposes. They also launch a WordPress firewall module or administration and keep track of what’s happening on your site even though no product or online management agreement can protect your WordPress site from the weak passwords of your customers! 

Password Policy ManagerMeasurements show that 35% of customers use weak passwords, eg. For example, password123 and qwerty123, and most others use passwords that can be corrupted.

Why should we avoid using weak password? This is because weak password easily get hacked by the hackers. Anyway, WordPress website by default allow users to use the weak password. With this Password Policy Manager, all users must be adhere the website policy to use stronger password and this will help to strengthen the website security.

You can take a look at this website, Password Policy Manager–>

This is very useful plugin that will help you to ensure all users follow and use stronger password on your website.


You can choose and tick what criteria of password that users need to be follow. This will determine how strong your password will be. You can choose your password either must be contain of a mix uppercase and lowercase, numeric digits or special characters. To configure this, it’s very simple with just a few clicks, no coding knowledge required.


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You able to set how many month you need users to change their password. The moment passwords expire. Naturally, customers need to convert them and not use a similar secret key for an extended period and years.  You can change it at the password expiration policy section as shown on picture above. You can also disallow users to use their previous password either last 1 or 2 password before or even more.


The picture above showing the guide for users. Ease for them and knowing how to set a password.

You can also choose how much you can use a password from the password expiration policy, otherwise called the secret age of the word. 

The most powerful feature is when in the case of a malicious WordPress hack. If you reset all passwords with the module, an e-mail will be sent to each client asking them to reset the password.



Stronger password means that stronger website security. To ensure your WordPress website users all are using stronger password, by just install this WordPress plugin, it will help you to ensure your users follow the password policy that set by website owner. You can start to improve and strengthen your website security within a few seconds without any coding involved.


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