Most Popular Free WordPress Plugins for Online Restaurants

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If you are looking for all-in-all solution to build an online restaurant/cafe menu or just want to get some particular extensions for your digital restaurant business on WordPress, this roundup was created just for you.

But before scrolling through the collection, let’s stop on two important points:

If you are still thinking of creating online restaurant menu

Compare the odds of people to stumble upon your cafe or restaurant physically and online. The latter variant is undoubtedly more effective way to lure more audience. Moreover, some people today won’t even enter the restaurant/cafe without checking out more info about it on the net.

In-demand website tools to help your business grow

Your online restaurant should be adopted to a full-cycle approach of your business reality: quality ordering, cooking and delivering. Luckily, WordPress provides multiple free tools to help perfect your website and win in the food business in your area. And what’s really great, almost all of them are no-brainer ones.

Let’s highlight some of the technical website features able to help your restaurant business succeed (the following conclusions are based on researches of Business Insider, World Stream, National Restaurant Association, and own tech experience):

  • Functional clean-looking layouts of presenting your menu offerings, i.e. proper categorization, clutter-free layouts (the menu must be up-to-date and accurate!);
  • Real food images plus featuring them via various social networks;
  • Displaying Ingredients of a food item;
  • Maximum nutrition information about each food item as the number of health-conscious customers tend to increase;
  • Online ordering options (including online payments and COD) is literally a huge driver especially for new businesses able to increase takeout revenue up to 30%;
  • Optionally: table reservation option.

Some other important strategies like discounts, loyalty programs, Newsletter, Google alerts, showing off your team, etc. are commonly considered as general marketing tools for different business niches, therefore, will be overlooked in this post.

Time to put theory into practice and revise all top free WordPress tools available!

WP Restaurant Manager

This plugin is one of the most powerful in the list because it comes with several functional benefits – creates online menus with a food menu manager and lets you work with online bookings through table bookings menu. What’s more? Let’s see in the following list of features:

  • Booking dashboard: review, confirm and reject bookings
  • Ability for customers to leave additional comments while requesting a table reservation
  • Customizable notification email messages
  • Variety of table labels (e.g. birthday, 3 people, etc.)
  • Ability to preview upcoming reservations
  • Options to supply menu items with food nutrition information
  • Plugin synchronization with opening hours schedule on your site
  • Ability to disable calendar dates
  • Variety of actions and filters for developers to modify the plugin behavior.
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wordpress restaurant manager


Quick Restaurant Menu

Quick Restaurant menu is one more popular plugin in the niche that will help you build online restaurant or cafe menu without additional technical help. It’s highly rated and installed by more than 4,000 users. Check more features below:

  • Drag-and-drop menu editing interface (probably one of the main features that makes the plugin so popular)
  • Available post types: menus and menu items (unlimited usage)
  • Clean and readable menu layouts
  • Menu items can be supplied with images, item size, description, price, etc.
  • Ability to adjust your menu to show specific items on particular days and hours
  • Option to insert custom CSS
  • Translated into Spanish.

qucik restaurant meny



One more restaurant menu builder. It’s a well-documented professional product that will help you easily build an online menu for any bar, cafe or restaurant. It comes with simple and attractive layouts and easy menu customization toolkit. Let’s list more major features:

  • Various column layouts: single and two-column, list and grid
  • Collection of available shortcodes for posts and pages
  • Support for multiple menus
  • Lightbox for a menu image
  • View demo layouts of the menu here.

wordpress restaurantpress plugin


Restaurant Manager

This is a lightweight plugin for quick and easy restaurant reservations – you can create (as a WordPress website admin) and accept restaurant booking reservation (requested by the customers). It works with any WordPress theme and is very flexible. You’ll be able to build a reservation form with a shortcode many and easily change it in future if needed.

Major features:

  • Booking schedules for restaurant opening times
  • Admin statuses of reservation: pending, confirmed and rejected
  • Manager and stuff user roles
  • Customer email notifications: they will receive them right to their inbox (if the requested table is busy, you are free to provide them with alternative)
  • CSS modifications available
  • Improved Reservation screen and booking list
  • MailChimp and SMS support.

wordpress restaurant manageer


MotoPress Restaurant Menu

This plugin is really useful because it fulfills several functions at a time: provides easy-to-use list of settings, which lets you build any type of a restaurant menu and comes with built-in eCommerce options to easily sell any offerings online. Moreover, it was claimed on several resources that with this plugin you can create the most stylish menus with a great choice of layouts (you can even view them in the demo). Every non-tech user will be able to deal with this plugin easily. Let’s count its advantages:

  • Menu layouts to suit any kind of a theme and taste: grid, list, clean list (without images), each of them can be displayed in up to 6 columns
  • Option to present your menu based on categories (e.g. dinner, appetizers) and menu items (soup, omelette, tea)
  • Ability to add multiple menu items and categories
  • A range of category icons and an ability to upload your custom ones
  • Optional images for menu items and menu item’s image gallery
  • Descriptive menu item: you can supply any menu item with title, description, image, tags, price, Nutrition info, Ingredients list, Attributes, and Buy now button
  • Currency selector
  • eCommerce options: PayPal and COD methods plus an ability to make a test payment on your end – payments by registered and unregistered website users, tracking order statuses for buyers (e.g. shipping), customizable notification email templates
  • Delivery and toppings premium addons.
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wordpress restaurant menu by motopress


Open Menu

Open menu is a free version of the popular Open Menu plugin for WordPress. It helps you create your menus is pages and posts integrating it with any WordPress theme. Within this free version you get:

  • Open menu custom post types and functions
  • Open menu custom widgets: restaurant location, deals and coupons, specials, cuisine tag cloud, QR Code, Filtered OpenMenu
  • Twitter integration
  • Detailed nutrition facts list for each menu item
  • One free deal/coupon per month available
  • Detailed plugin settings to control layout and functionality of the online restaurant.

wordpress open menu plugin for wordpress

Food and Drink Menu

Reliable and trusted free solution to build various menus for your WordPress online restaurant. Using this plugin you can display your menus in pages, posts and widgets and navigation menu. By default, it creates 2 post types – menus and menu items. It comes with tons of customizable features and easy-to-set-up options:

  • Unlimited menus and menu items
  • Ability to supply menu items with images, price
  • Ability to add a footer under needed menu for disclaimer and other official notes
  • Menu layout templates
  • Ability to create complex menu layouts style each section differently
  • Full plugin documentation for non-tech users
  • Compatibility with WPML
  • Pro version of addon with extended functionality is also available.

food and drink menu plugin for wordpress


WP Pizza

WP Pizza is what is called powerful plugin for online cafes and restaurants: its functionality helps you build rich and attractive menu layouts, set up online ordering system and properly works on WP Multisite and WP Multilingual. Let’s revise more features of the plugin:

  • Multiple Restaurant menu categories, prices, descriptions
  • eCommerce options: online and Cash on Delivery payments
  • Multilingual frontend and WPML compatibility
  • Ability to keep track of online orders
  • Ability to change currency (140+ supported currencies)
  • Collection of shortcodes to manipulate with plugin functionality
  • Collection of premium addons available.

wppiza wordpress plugin for restaurants


TLP Food Menu

Restaurant menu solution from RadiusThemes. The plugin functionality helps you create stunning menus in templates, posts, pages, and widgets. It’s easy to build standard clean menu layouts with more or less output information and images. Check more plugin features below:

  • Unlimited menu items and categories (ability to display multi and single category)
  • Option to select currency
  • Easy shortcode and custom CSS options
  • Custom detail page template
  • Available field to present a menu item (food or drink): title, description, category, order, price, excerpt, image
  • Preferable ordering of menu items
  • Well-documented product.
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tlp fooed menu plugin for wordpress



Foodlist is a great tool to build modern clean-looking menus for any food establishment. All plugin users provided the highest rating and only positive reviews. The plugin lets you create menus and menu items (individual food and drinks) and display them under different categories if needed. The plugin would be more popular if described and advertised properly. Probably that lack of additional info doesn’t encourage WordPress users to install it. But it looks quite professional, so you should give it a try. Check out a couple of more officially listed options:

  • Menu tags/labels such as new, spicy or whatever (with collection of icons)
  • Template and CSS editor
  • Built-in demo data for you to get started faster.

food list wordpress plugin


Restaurant Reservations

This is one of the top popular and highly rated free plugins to manage restaurant reservations in WordPress created by theme of the Crop – guys, who provide multiple solutions for online restaurant business (themes and plugins). With its help, you are free to confirm and reject bookings and send the appropriate notifications to the customers. Let’s list more features:

  • Tools to easily confirm or reject a booking
  • Admin email notifications on new booking requests
  • Customer email notifications
  • Customizable notification email templates
  • Multiple locations for bookings
  • Custom user roles to improve booking management experience
  • A couple of additional addons available (including MailChimp for Restaurant Reservation).

wordpress restaurant reservation


Open Table widget

This ultimate plugin will help you build advanced restaurant reservation forms for your website. It comes with a great set of support files to help you quickly understand how to make the plugin work for you: docs, videos, tooltips. Moreover, plugin developers welcome all your ideas and suggestions. It’s already trusted by thousands of users. So, what are the main features of it? Let’s list them:

  • Pre-built reservation form layouts that should work well for any theme
  • Note: it supports only US-based restaurants (if you’re in any other country, you should consider a pro version)
  • Preview demo widget here.

open table widget


Zuppler Online Ordering

If you are already running your restaurant on WordPress and just looking for an ability to extend it with online ordering option, this plugin is for you. Zuppler online ordering helps your potential customers order any food and drinks online on your website – either for takeout, delivery, dine-in or catering. Currently, it’s only available to serve customers from the USA and Canada. Some of the options:

  • Easy shortcode settings
  • Different layout styles of the ordering on your website to reflect your brand and overall website look and feel
  • Visit their directly to view all paid options here.

wordpresss plugin zuppler

I hope this collection will come in handy for both on-budget and established business projects, developers who build websites for clients, and WordPress junkies.

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