What is Different Between Follow and Nofollow Links?

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What is Different Between Follow and Nofollow Links?

You might be wonder that What is Different Between Follow and Nofollow Links in SEO [Search Engine Optimization]. How does these links help your website SEO, how useful is the links, how to create them right?

Today, this article we are going to discuss about all these, to c,ear it up your confusions. Please leave a comment if anything to clarify, to ask.

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What is Do Follow Link

A do follow link is a link that link to a website with passing SEO link juice to the page that it linking to. Link juice is a equity or value that passing from one site/page to another. One important things most of the people always missed out is the internal link within own website. As this is important that to create and passing link juice to own webpage. With this linking method, you are able to get your website rank higher in search engines.

Do follow link format as follow

<a href=”http://www.pte-blog.com/>Link Text</a>


What is a No Follow Link?

A no follow link that linking a page to another, which do not passing any link juice to the page that it connected to. Thus, this no follow link do not help to boos PageRank.

Below showing the no follow link coding format/.

<a href=”http://www.pte-blog.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

No follow link tag as ” rel=”nofollow” . This will telling search engine do not count link as a ranking factor.


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How to check if the link is Follow or No Follow

To check this in Google Chrome, you can right click on the page –> view page source or  by using keyboard CTRL+U to open up a source coding page. Once you open up this page, by using keyboard CTRL+F and typing in your keyword “nofollow” to look for nofollow link on that page.

no follow links

If you want to keep track of nofollow and follow link, you can download some browser extension to track it. For firefox user, you can use Nodofollow, SEO Quake. For Chrome user, you can use NoFollow Simple.


Case Study – Is no follow links useless? Answer is NO.

This is sharing case study of Adam White from Semrush website. They found that most of the top 1 rank page in Google, most of the page did have a numbers of no follow backlinks. Although, it didn’t pass the link juice to the page that it link to. But this will help to let Google Search Engine know that your website is alive and someone is keep sending nofollow links to your websites. As the invention of no follow links is to avoid spam comments, advertising of website. But, in real world Google understand that, all businesses need to advertise, this will help to let search engine notice your website, then they justify it and give you the ranking.

Below is the picture showing a website position in search engine after placed the sitewide nofollow links.


If you want to check you backlinks and so SEO stuff. We recommend Semrush as this is a Good Tool to do SEO.

You can try to research your website by using the Semrush Tool –> HERE


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How to Get Follow Links

You can get the follow link by writing awesome content, creating the original content, create an infographic [such as Canva is a good tool]. By doing this, people will link to share your content on their page and link it to you.
Apart from building it naturally, you can create your no follow links by Gues Posting. You need to write awesome content for the website that willing to post it on their page. Which mean your written article must be good and add value to their readers.

Balancing between no follow and follow link is the best

Last but not least, Although do follow link is the best, but we need to maintain the healthy of it, to balance between no follow and follow links. Do follow link may do more for Search Engine Optimization but both should take into account for your online marketing strategy.

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