Why is WordPress Insisting on Switching to HTTPS from HTTP?

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Why is WordPress Insisting on Switching to HTTPS from HTTP?


Security has turned out to be the most indispensable part of any website. If your website is not secure, it puts your visitors and customers at a risk to leakage of sensitive information and cyber-crimes. Therefore, having HTTPS has become mandatory for every website to stand the intense competition in the digital world.

It shows as a green padlock in the address bar of your website and is accompanied with a “Secure” tag. This assures the visitor that their data is in safe hands. HTTPS works by adding an extra security layer to HTTP, also known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It primarily encrypts the data with the help of SSL Certificate. As a result, the data transfer between the server and browser becomes free from security threats.

Cybercriminals and hackers cannot access confidential information entered on secure websites and reduces the risk of data modification. HTTPS does not completely eliminate the risk of cyber threats but it surely gives you a upper hand when it comes to security.


Why is WordPress Insisting on HTTPS?

By switching your website to HTTPS, you give your users a sense of safety regarding their personal information. Google now asks for more encryption and higher security. Moreover, your customers weigh the reliability of your website based on the security certificate. Back in 2014, Google made the announcement that you can achieve better search engine rankings by implementing HTTPS on your website.

For website owners who are using WordPress as a Content Management System, it is important to know that WordPress has also rolled out certain changes based on Google’s declaration.

Note: HTTPS is not the only factor that is used to determine search engine ranking.


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Let’s assume that two websites are similar in every parameter. In such a case, the website with HTTPS would get a better search engine ranking.

Google Chrome recognizes the websites without HTTPS and displays a “Not Secure” message on all those pages that ask for passwords or confidential information from the visitors.

Because of these changes by Google, WordPress has made certain changes to their processes. Whenever a user sees the word ‘Secure”, their perception for the website changes and their likelihood of buying from you increases manifold.

HTTPS is sure to increase the website traffic and the user session. It would reduce the bounce rate too. The green padlock makes all the difference! The customer feels much more confident in providing their personal details on secure pages. You can check all these findings in your website analytics software. If you want your brand reputation to stay intact and get better with time, you should definitely switch to HTTPS from HTTP.  

What CAN-SPAM and GDPR would mean in the email marketing world, HTTPS means for websites. Most of the websites we come across today are equipped with SSL Certificate, that is, Secure Sockets Layer. Get SSL Certificate and ensure safe navigation over your website.


How can you get HTTPS?

Ask your hosting provider whether they offer a free SSL Certificate. If they don’t, you can buy Cheap SSL from SSL2BUY. After purchasing the certificate, you can take help from your provider to install the certificate on your server.

Pro tip: SSL Certificates do not upgrade the website content, but only the website. As a direct implication of this, you will have to update the website for 404 errors. If you fail to do so, Google may consider it as a discrepancy in the website security. Encrypting the content of your website according to the SSL Certificate can help you prevent this.


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Challenges of Not Switching to HTTPS

Low search engine ranking is a nightmare for business owners. Not changing your website to HTTPS can drastically degrade your search engine optimization results.

WordPress would give you a tough time if your website is not equipped with HTTPS. You may find it daunting to work with WordPress updates. Moreover, some functions may not work with particular WordPress plugins.

The next problem is that hackers can get easy access to your website.

You should consider all these possibilities if you are still on an HTTP website.


Final Thoughts

To cut the long story short, it can be said that HTTPS enhances the overall performance of your website and puts you ahead of your competitors. WordPress website users should not delay switching to HTTPS and get it done as soon as possible.



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