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The possibilities of something going wrong with any website are endless! This is why you need to keep an eye on your website. Making sure that the website is up-and-running and delivering what you want it to deliver to the end-user is vital.

Imagine the situation where a user is reaching you to let you know that your website is down! This will definitely harm your reputation. You need to stay ahead and fix any issues with the website once they occur. This will leave you with happy customers and prevent losing potential sales.

Hackers attack websites all the time. I always advise my friends to set automated backups for their websites. Yet, this is not enough! You need to know when a hacking attempt is taking place.

It is inefficient to monitor your website manually, as you will not be able to cover all the monitoring aspects. This is where monitoring services come handy.

It is more convenient if you can monitor your WordPress site from within the dashboard. SmartMonitor Pro can be your website duty officer as it will notify you when anything goes wrong. It will watch over:

  1. WHOIS records, this lets you know when your domain gets stolen so that you can retrieve it by contacting your domain registrar
  2. NS Records, you will get a notification once the NS records are modified.
  3. Google SafeSearch, your website might get infected by malware and as a result, your visitors may see the red screen of death! SmartMonitor Pro will let you know once this happens and help you in the site clean up.
  4. Server Status, once your website goes down you will get notified.
  5. Core WordPress Files, it is important that you know if your WordPress core files are being modified as this might harm your website.
  6. Site Content, this will report any unusual changes made to the content.
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Once you install and activate SmartMonitor Pro on your website, navigate to Tools -> SMARTMONITOR PRO and insert your license key then click on SAVE AND VALIDATE LICENSE KEY

Click on the START MONITORING button.

It takes from 5-10 minutes for SmartMonitor Pro to collect initial monitoring data

From the SmartMonitor screen, you can get an insight of:

  1. Overall Uptime
  2. Average, minimum and maximum response time
  3. A record of the incidents

From the setting tab you can set:

  1. Notifications email
  2. Notifications SMS Number
  3. Pushover User Key – for mobile push notifications.

If you are serious about your website you need to watch over it. In my opinion, SmartMonitor offers an easy to use monitoring solution. If you are already using SmartMonitor share with us your experience. If not it is worth giving it a shot. Read more about SmartMointor Pro.

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