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I’ve had the pleasure to test the WPJobBoard plugin for a few days. This premium plugin gives you the power to turn your WordPress website into a fully featured job-board where companies can place job-postings and job seekers can respond to those postings or post there own resumé. But where WPJobBoard really excels is it’s customizability.




The WPJobBoard plugin works well with any theme, which makes it extremely easy to set up; it’s just like activating any other plugin. It will add two new menu-items to your WordPress installation; Job Board and Job Board settings.

Under Job Board you can find all your job-listings, employers, application entries and candidates. Even though every action can be handled from the front-end, it’s very nice to find all of your Job Board content in one place. Especially when you plan on moderating the job board yourself.

In the job board settings you’ll find a lot of features to customize. You can hook WPJobBoard to careerbuilder.com, twitter and indeed.com to automatically post your new job-listings on those platforms and you can hook it up to Paypal or Stripe creditcard payments to enable premium job-postings.

Premium job-postings & resumes

Having the ability to charge companies a little extra for job-listings that’ll get more exposure is one of the greatest things about this plugin; it can actually make you money. WPJobBoard allows you to setup the rules for premium vs. free job-listings very easily. You can change the amount of days the listing will be visible, if it will be featured and what price it should be. Plus you can create as many free and premium types of job-listings as you want.

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You can also add the ability for job-seekers to add there resumé to the job board, again as a premium or free service. Resumés are easily searchable and can contain any meta-data about the job-seeker you’d like. Employers can also easily and quickly respond by contacting the candidate.


Using the WPJobBoard settings-panels, you can customize -almost- anything about this plugin, without it being too confusing. Next to that WPJobBoard comes with a complimentary theme which makes it very easy to template.

The best thing about WPJobBoard’s customizability though, is it’s custom fields editor. This gives you the option to add or edit all fields required for a job listing, a job application, sign-up forms and resumé forms. The custom fields editor is very easy to use and gives you tremendous control over almost every aspect of your job-board. Giving the companies who sign-up the ability to add some portfolio images is as simple as dragging and dropping a ‘file upload’-field into your Company Form.



To get people to start using your job board you can always offer them a promotional code; a coupon system is build right into WP Jobboard. The plugin also allows you to easily setup job alerts and e-mail notifications. All e-mails are completely customizable; you can even opt for rich html emails if you like.

Loads of widgets

I love useful widgets, so it was a nice surprise to find 11 new widgets in my WordPress install. WPJobBoard adds widgets to display recent jobs, job-types, job locations, job alerts and featured jobs, to name a few. There’s also job-search and some pre-defined menus.

User experience

WPJobBoard keeps your WordPress administration intact and keeps the style of it’s edit and settings-pages consistent with WordPress’ look-and-feel. Although there are some odd UI-choices on the settings-pages, but this is mostly due to the immense amount configurable elements in the plugin. What I liked the most about WPJobBoard, however was the front-end UI.

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Front-end UI

WPJobBoard makes it very easy for companies and job-seekers to place and apply to job-postings, all from the front-end. These forms will display the fields you’ve specified in the custom field editor or a default that has been set on install.

Creating an job-listing gives companies a very clear three-step process, where they can create, preview and finally publish. Applying for a job is as easy as pressing the ‘Apply online’ button. The look and feel of the forms will generally follow the styling rules of your theme, but this can easily be overwritten with some basic CSS knowledge. Little details like tab-order in the forms is thought through which is great for accessibility.



WPJobBoard is a premium plugin; there’s no free version.

For $97 you get a license for one site and a year of upgrades and support. There’s also the $199option which expands your license to an unlimited amount of sites and gives you access to early beta-updates.

In both cases you’ll also get a free theme written specifically for WPJobBoard. I liked the theme very much; it complimented the plugin immensely by using big typography and friendly shapes. It made the whole job board experience a lot nicer.


In the WordPress world we’re getting used to this kind of pricing, and I’d argue that it’s a good thing. Upgrades and support are important things to have; especially if stuff starts to break down. And with premium job-listings this plugin is starting to look more like an investment than ‘just buying something’.

A plugin that will be used to implement the main functionality of a website will always command a higher price due to its immense value to the buyer, and WPJobBoard is one such plugin. With it, you will either be building a pure job board website, or else building a job board into an already successful websites. For both these cases $97 seems like a small investment to make. With paid job announcements, you’ll recoup your investment in no time.

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WPJobBoard’s website offers a knowledge base with some articles; most of it isn’t really extensive, but there is ample documentation for the regular user. What I really liked was the fact that the support-page is ‘just a contact-form’. This is telling me there’s an actual person answering my questions. For developers there isn’t much documentation available on the site. The plugin code is also not commented. This is however, just a minor problem, since most customization can already be done from the WordPress admin.


I liked working with WPJobBoard. It was easy to setup, use and very easy to customize. The backend is kept very low-key and there’s no real telling where WordPress stops and WPJobBoard begins; this is a very good thing because it will keep learning-curves down. Usability on the front-end is either good or great, depending on which theme you use. I’d definitely recommend checking out the free theme you get with your purchase.

The pricing, for me, wouldn’t be an issue; there’s a lot of fit-and-finish in this plugin which is worth the money. I’d recommend this plugin to anyone wanting to put together a jobboard.

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